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Dress up has always been approached the wrong way. I would like to rephrase dress up to wig up. People looking to "dress up" usually tend to look for a costume first. Then if they have more time and money they add a wig and make up.

But the truth of the matter is that people tend to notice the head first. Hair changes the appearance of a person more then any clothing.

So now let's describe the process of wigging up. You decide what you want to be and look for a costume wig or costume head piece to match.

After you have found the appropriate costume wig. Once you are satisfied with the costume wig you look for costume make up to make up to match. If you only get that far its fine. Just slip on any appropriate colored clothing and hardly anyone will even realize that you are not wearing a proper "costume".

If you have more time and money go ahead and find yourself a proper costume.

One important point when trying to wig up. Don't look through the costumes first and then try to find a wig for it. Because of the popular wrong approach to dress up many of the popular dress up costumes don't even have costume wigs for them.

It is better to look what costume wigs are available. You don't even have to make sure that a clothing costume is available. Those costumes can always be fudged.

There are many different costume wigs available in many different categories. They type of costume wig you need will depend on they reason for your costume needs.

There are Halloween costume wigs, Easter costume wigs and Historical costume wigs. There are serious costume wigs and funny wigs and everything in between. Costume beards, mustaches and eyebrows are also very effective for "wig up" costumes.

Sometimes instead of a costume wigs, costume hats are good.

Online sellers of Costume Wigs

AnyTime Costumes - a great source for costume wigs.
Frankel Costume - a large variety of costume wigs.

Popular Costume Wigs

1. Clown Costume Wigs - Come in all different funny childish colors and textures. Usually have a very humorous look.

2. Indian Costume Wigs - for boys come with mowhawk or long hair with 2 braides in front. For girls all hair divided into two braids on the side.

3. Ethnic Costume Wig - most popular is the afro- a short tightly curled wig which enlarges the diameter of the head substantially. Dreadlocks, the hair divided into many small braids, is another popular wig style.

4. Celebrity Costume Wigs - dress up like your most popular hero or movie star such as Elvis, Snow White, George Washington, or Benjamin Franklin.

5. Santa Clause - White Sanata clause wigs and beards for Christmas.

6. Anime Costume Wigs - Colorful anime wigs allow you to dress up like your favorite anime character.

7. Cartoon Costume Wig - Such as Raggedy Ann or Walt Disney's Cruella wig.

8. Grandma Costume Wig - The old fashioned grandmother wig with her white wig on top of her head.

9. 60s Wig - The beehive can tower to quite a few inches above the head.

10. Witch Costume Wig - Scary triangle witch hat with spooky white hair protruding.

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