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Costume Hair Wigs: A Closer Look

Costume wigs can range from stylish to zany and everywhere in between. Regardless of what look you are going for, you can find thousands of costume wigs in your desired type. They don't have to be expensive and costume wigs certainly don't have to look cheap, though the economic value is often what places a wig in the category of "costume hair wigs". Let's break down some of the options you have in this grouping.

Wild n' crazy: This category of costume hair wigs is not for everyday use. If you are looking for a wig for Halloween, this is the category to search. Halloween costume wigs (as well as any other time of the year) are fun and crazy. They range from exotic colors such as lime green and magenta to extravagant styles such as spikes and glow in the dark accessories. Here are some ideas of what you will find when looking at wild n' crazy costume wigs:

Vivid colors like orange, purple, blue and pink costume wigs, vivacious red costume wigs, Clown wigs either solid or multi-colored, single, double or multiple spikes, punk-topped, fiber optic lights (remember, batteries not included!), streak of color or multi-colored patterns, ornaments and accessories inside (usually detachable- though, why would you), team spirit wigs come in half and half colors for the perfect way to show your true loyalties, Diablo style.

Realistic: This can further be broken down into character or everyday. From Michael Jackson to Morticia Addams, you can find incredibly realistic costume wigs to top off that perfect costume attire. There is a range of character wigs that you can purchase to make you really look like the celebrity, current or historical figure or TV character you are trying to depict. If you are attempting to replicate a specific era, costume hair wigs can often help out. Dating all the way back to the 17th century, hairstyles have certainly been clear indicators of time period. Pink costume wigs scream flapper period, long straight black costume wigs down to your bottom will express the hippy loving 60's, while a wind blown blonde bombshell will say Sexy 70's. You can also go with Halloween costume wigs that portray ethnicity such as a Native American Indian, Afro style, or historically fitting costume wigs. Animal costume wigs also fall into this category, but these work best when coupled with the rest of the costume.

Homemade: While costume wigs are usually inexpensive on their own, you can be even more frugal by making your own costume hair wigs. For complete instructions, see our article on how to make your own wig. Often, the homemade version will last longer, look better and feel more comfortable for longer periods of time than a cheap store bought one.

Costume wigs are fun to wear, regardless of which category you choose from. Sometimes, wearing regular clothing with a wig for Halloween can be all you need for a winning costume, and, in a pinch, a zany wig can always stand on its own. For the staunch moderates or costume poo-pooers, however, a fun costume wig can be a simple middle ground that is not too extreme. From crafting to wearing, everyone can enjoy costume wigs.

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