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Natural Natural Natural. That is always the theme in the wig department. Until you reach clown wigs. Then it becomes how unnatural could your clown wig look? How ridiculously stupid can the clown wig look? How much can it make people laugh? The difference between a clown wig and other wigs is that other wigs you are trying to conform to a certain mold. You are trying to fit in with certain styles. Clown wigs, you are trying to break away from the mold. You are trying to be unique and different.

Clown wigs have to main purposes. Professional clowns wear wigs to make people laugh. Clowns also make great dress up costumes. Children and adults alike love to wear clown costumes on Halloween and on Purim, to masquerades, to dress up parties, and just for fun. If you can't afford a professional clown at you child's birthday party, you can dress up like a clown and try to make a couple of jokes here and there. It is not hard to make children laugh.

There are all sorts of clown wigs. Costume stores can have dozens of different styles. The most classic is a clowny multi-colored afro wig. These are wigs with thick curls that stand up and widen the diameter of the head quite a substantial amount. These clown wigs are also available in an array of solid colors. The cool version of these clown wigs come with a vinyl skin colored top to give you the appearance of a bald clown with two patches of curls at the sideburn area. Another classical clown wig is a wig made up of long foil hairs about ¼ inch wide each. These are also available in many different solid colors as well as a mixture of different colors.

Clowns wigs can also be rag doll wigs. These are wigs made of thick yarn and are often red though they can be any color. They can come in a pony tail, pig tails or a short and messy cut.

Many clown wigs are not wigs at all. They are vinyl skin colored caps to give you a completely bald appearance. You then cover part of your bald "clown wig" with a clown hat.

Look around to find one you like. There are wigs that consist of a bunch of curled up shiny ribbons. You can find long, more hair like wigs that gradually change colors. You can find curly wigs with flowers on them. Some clown wigs consist of hats with some hair- long or short, straight or curly hanging out. Or even braids may stick out of the clown wig hat.

Looking to be a more original clown. You can use your favorite child character wig for a clown wig. Pippi Long Stocking or Raggady Ann wigs make great clown wigs. Or just type "funny wig" or "silly wig" into your search engine. Choose the funniest one and use it for your clown wig.

But you don't need a custom wig at all. Any old wig can be turned into a clown wig. If your grandmother has an old wig it makes the best clown wigs. Buy a couple of cans of colored hair spray and spray it around. You don't need to be to neat for this one. Find around your house bows, ribbons, beads, barrettes, sequins, fabrics, and anything that you think would make your clown wig even sillier. If you find an old rag you can tie it around to make a clown hat.

Whether you choose to make your clown wig or buy it, I hope you end up with the silliest clown wig in the world. And have fun clowning around!

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