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Walking You through the Steps of Buying From a Catalogue
Sometimes I feel like leaving the house is a thing of the past. You can do your banking, engage in your research, make a living, and do your shopping all from the comfort of your home. (I am just waiting for an online gym, where I can lose those pounds while I sit comfortably by my computer.) And somehow we just don’t find the extra time to make those trips, as was done in the olden days, instead of turning right away to our trusty computer (that always decides to shut down on us just when we need it most.) With the major time shortages of today. Who would believe it us that are swamped with so many more time saving gadgets then the people of yesteryear?
Anyway, back to the topic on hand, so you decided to go for the convenience of shopping for a wig in your pajamas. Well, unfortunately at this point the computer is still limited. It can take your measurements for you; it can not look at you and tell you what style would suit you. So you will have to do this yourself. In your pajamas of course. If you have anyone else to help you, you will probably find it much easier.

First let’s start with measuring your head:
When describing a person you may describe him as fat or skinny, short or tall, or broad or petite. You may describe the color of his hair, the shade of his complexion, or even the size of his eyes. But rarely would you even notice the head size of a person- not even your own. I had no clue that I had a small head until I started being fitted for wigs (don’t they say good things come in small packages.) You can’t look at your head and say I think I have a large head or my head seems to be about average. You’ll probably guess wrong. You have to measure. So now comes the million dollar question- how do I measure.
Ok, when measuring your head for a wig there are usually three different measurements you need. For convenience let’s name them: Head Circumference, front to back, and ear to ear.

Head Circumference
You have to measure the circumference of the largest part of your head. Take a measuring tape, and hold it at your hairline. Then pulling it smoothly around (make sure not to stretch the cord) pull it behind you ear, then along your nape (where your neck meets your head and bends; about one inch below the occipital bone at the base of the skull.)  up behind your other ear and back along the hairline to meet your starting point. Write down the measurement or you will probably forget it.

Front to back:
Here we are going from the front of the hairline to the nape (where your neck meets your head and bends; about one inch below the occipital bone at the base of the skull.) Take the measuring tape and line the front up with the front of your hairline. Then pull it over your head and follow the curve of your head until you reach the nape. Write this measurement as well.

Ear to Ear
This reminds me of a huge smile that goes from ear to ear. But now we are going around your face the other way. Place the tape measure in front of one ear at the place where the hair line ends. Take the tape measure up over your crown until the same point at the other ear. Write this measurement down.

Now, you have to match these measurements to a wig size. Below you will see the standard measurement chart though sizes can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the best fit, try to find the specific size specifications of your wig manufacturer.

Size Chart

Wig Sizes

Head Circumference

Front to back

Ear to ear

Ultra Petite

19 1/2 to 20 1/2


12 1/2

Petite (P)

20 1/2 to 21 1/2



Average (A)

21 12 to 23 1/2



Large (L)

23 to 25



Choose the size that matches closest your 3 measurements. Please note that there are usually Velcro tabs in a wig that allow you to adjust it 1 inch bigger or smaller. If you still have trouble deciding which side is right to you, good manufactures should have sales representatives available to assist you.
If your head circumference is below 19 ½ or above 25 you probably will need a custom wig. Some wig companies are also able to make small customizations without ripping your pants off.

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