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Blue Wigs

Sally sat on the floor of her room moping. Mom had said that she has the blues. What did that mean? She could not figure it out. What did she have that was blue? Her walls were pink; her carpet was beige; her bedding was white with pink bows. None of her toys were blue. Then she noticed her skirt. Oh she had a blue skirt. Was that what mom meant when she said she had the blues. And she had a blue shirt too. Sally put on her blue shirt. Then she put on her blue socks and blue shoes. Yes she did have the blues.

Then Sally noticed the face paint in the bathroom left over from her sister's masquerade. Ah, blue face paint that would really giver her the blues. Sally looked in the mirror. She was blue from head to toe. No she was not blue from head to toe. She still had brown hair.

Just then Mom passed by. "What you need," Sally she exclaimed, "is a blue wig." Ah, that was it "a blue wig."

Sally walked to the fancy wig Salon on the main Boulevard. Do you have a blue wig? She asked? "A blue wig?" She asked surprised. Why do you want a blue wig? Then she noticed Sally's blue body. "Oh," she said. "We only sell very formalized wigs. The department store sells wigs for geeks. Maybe they will have a blue wig. Sally walked a few blocks to the department store to look for a blue wig. There was no one to ask. All she could find was a brown wig with a red streak and a blue streak. "No," she thought. 'This will not work as a blue wig"

As she walked out she noticed a little shop that said "Anime Costumes." on the sign. In smaller letters it said we custom make anime costumes and wigs. What does "custom make" mean? Sally didn't know but she went in anyway. There she saw all different color wigs. She saw a reg wig, an orange wig, a purple wig, and a blue wig. Sally ran and pulled the wig off the trip. But little old lady sitting at a stool behind the counter yelled "Stop!" What are you doing with our blue wig sample.

"I want to buy the "blue wig" Sally replied.

"Oh, you can't buy that blue wig," the store lady replied. The blue wig is just a sample. When someone wants an Anime costume they bring us a picture and we make a special costume and a special wig for them. If you want we can make you a special blue wig but it will cost you a lot of money."

Sally realized this also was not the right place for her to buy a blue wig.

As sally was leaving the store lady screamed out maybe the children's costume store would have a blue wig for you.

Sally rushed to the costume store. There she saw all sorts of children costumes. In one little corner there were a bunch of wigs. And three blue wigs. One was a short and curly blue wig. One was a long straight blue wig. And one was a clown blue wig, that was made out of thin strips of blue tin foil. There was a price tag on the foil blue wig for five dollars. Anne took the foil blue wig off the shelf and paid for it. She quickly put the blue wig on her head.

"Look mom," sally came running into the house a huge smile spread over her face. I found a blue wig.

Mom looked closely at her. "Yes you have found a blue wig," she said. "But you don't have the blues anymore.

Sally just turned around very confused.

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