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Blonde Wigs

That special gleam. Cool streaks. Natural finesse! You will only find that in blond wigs. Somehow the blond wigs are always the smoothest, shiniest and most natural looking. I always consider getting a blond wig but then I wonder how natural can my wig look when my hair changes overnight from blond to brown? Oh well, too bad I wasn't blessed with blond hair.

Well blond hair was always famous for its beauty. The stereotype for a beautiful person is blue eyes and blond hair.

But, somehow blond stands out even more in wigs. Two people can be wearing equal quality wigs but it looks like the one wearing the blond wig spent way more money and bought much nicer hair then than the one wearing the brown or black wig. It's not that the hair is really any smoother then equal quality brown or black wigs. However the brightness of the yellowish blond makes the shine more visible. And the darker highlights contrast much better in a blond wig then the lighter highlights in a brown wig. Blond wigs simply glisten like the sun.

But beware blond gets dirty quite quickly. Go for a slightly darker shade and you are left with an ugly form of dirty blond. You are much better off with a brown wig then a dirty blond wig.

If you are one of those blessed with blond hair go straight for a high quality blond wig and you are bound to look gorgeous. If you are one of those black or brown haired gals you can also enjoy the blond beauty - you just go to be a bit more daring. Also, it may be a good idea to have your eyebrows and eyelashes died blond so that your face doesn't clash.

If you are not such a dear devil you may want to do it a bit slower. Buy a wig slightly lighter then your color, then a bit lighter then that and even a bit lighter. You will reach your delightful blond look at some point but it will take a while.

Don't be mistaken. You don't need blond hair or a blond wig to be beautiful. You can be beautiful in your brown, black, auburn, or even blue wig (but blue wigs just may look a bit punky.)

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