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Search over the web, you will find places to buy anime wigs and places that will promise to custom make you a wig for your favorite costume. But I bet you to find any definition of Anime Wig. Well it's simple. Once you know what Anime is it is perfectly clear what and Anime wig is.

Yes, you know that your phone and clock and other electrical appliances around your house were manufactured in Japan. But did you know that a unique type of animation was also "manufactured" in Japan - and it is called "Anime," short for animēshon or animation in English.

These animations usually involve quite unrealistic cartoon characters, styled after manga or Japanese comics. These characters are usually very colorful - especially their hair colors. Often the themes involve violence and other inappropriate matters. Many times they are censored before they reach the American market.

There are many avid anime fans who love to dress up like their favorite anime characters. There are even anime conventions where all participants come in anime costumes.

Anime wigs can be bought from a costume store together with the rest of a costume or bought separately from a wig distributor.

Online Anime Wig Sellers

This website will custom make you your favorite anime character wig. Production time is 4 weeks, and you are required to send to pictures of your choice wig.

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