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Afro wigs almost seem to defy gravity with the hair standing far out in every direction. However, it is really the thickness of the curls that keep the hair in its upright position. Think of a little with curls all around their head. Now multiply the height of the curls by I'd say fifteen and you got an afro wig.

As per it's name these wigs are styled after an African American men's hair style called the Afro or fro for short..

African American's have rough course and extremely curly hair, which if let grow can naturally form into this style. A special traditional African instrument called the afro pick can be used to separate the tightly coiled curls to give it more volume. This tool is simply a narrow comb with long widely spaced teeth.

The Afro was an ancient hair style which was practically reborn in the 1970s with the "Proud to be black" movement. At that time this exclusive African hair style was worn with pride. The hair style died down some time later but in the 2000s it regained popularity. Today there are some who still wear the wig as a badge of their black honor. Others where it to copy old styles.

Today Afros are often used by comedians. They love to hide items in their thick head of hair.

Although only African have this hair style naturally, others can style their hair into an Afro using curling tongs and gel. Or of course wigs are easy access to the afro style. Afro wigs are sold as fashion items and as costumes.

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