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African American Wig

Although the most defining feature of African Americans is their skin color their hair is the second. The African American hair usually has a coarser texture and tighter curls and is more delicate and more vulnerable to damage from chemical treatments then Caucasians. Hence their reacts differently and works better with different hair styles.

For years, African Americans mimicked the European styles and sem-succesfully forced their hair to conform. They would straighten their curls, flatten their hair and part it like the Europeans. Still, the hair would keep it's stick like appearance.

In the twentieth century a movement to be proud of one's African roots, called "black is beautiful" spread through the African American community. Many African American started having their hair tightly braided and beaded as was the old Western African Style.

Near the end of the twentieth century the African American hair bounced back to the middle. While many stopped wearing their old fashioned styles, they made use of their own texture rather then trying to mold their hair to the European styles. The most popular style was the jheri curl. By using certain chemicals hair stylist figured out how to shape the hair into loose, wet curls. However there are still many African American that wear their hair tightly curled.

One men's style that is still around today is Afro hair. Thick curls protrude from the head in every direction often increasing the diameter of the head greatly.

Today, African American Wigs Come in the new styles as well as the older styles. Human African American Wigs are usually made from the coarser Asian hair so as to capture the natural African hair texture. This also helps lower the price of African American Wigs.

Paula Young offers quality human and synthetic hair wigs specially designed for African Americans. There is a large variety of styles, lengths and colors.

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