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In the 1960s hair styles took a plunge. Hair that had previously been blown up a few inches above the head was cut short, straight, and flat. Well in 1970s they finally found some middle path. Most of the hairstyles at that time were combed into a straight part and blow dried into flicked positions.

At that time the Mullet was popular for men. This hairstyle has the front and sides cut short with the back hair left long. After some time the hairstyle became ridiculed and nobody wore it anymore. The Mullet is also called Ape Drape, Camaro Cut, Shlong (Short-Long), Sfelby (Short Front, Long Back), Mississippi Mudflap, Hockey Hair, ten-ninety, Tennessee Tophat and Kentucky Waterfall, Neck Warmer, Canadian Passport and Coupe Longueuil (Quebec French term meaning Longueuil-haircut). The popular phrase "Business in the front, party in the back" describes the look of the Mullet.

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