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One of the most telling signs when a photograph was taken is the hair style of the girls. Look in a yearbook from a few year back and you will see how hair styles change so dramatically. Well if you want to dress up like the "ancient 1960ers" (Don't show this to Grandma) you got to know how they wore their hair at that time.

Actually, they were no different then us. They also changed hairstyles quite frequently. In the beginning of the 1960s the theme was volume and bulk - especially with the older crowd working class. Hair was blown, curled and sprayed to make it look big and thick. One of the most popular styles was the beehive or the b-52 because of its resemblance to the bulbous nose of the B-52 Stratofortress bomber. Hair was puffed up a few inches above the head often curled like a coil on top of the head. Often the beehives were worn in pastel colors. These styles required weekly hair dresser visits (what a pain!) Understandably wigs were very popular in those days. Girls tended to opt for simpler styles. They wore their hair loose and flipped out on the bottom. Later on girls began to curl a ponytail of hair around itself forming a bun which was fastened with a clip.

Then came the "1960 hair revolution" (I'm not sure if that is the official title or is just made up.) led by Vidal Sassoon. He decided to ease the lives of the poor fashion burdened woman by creating hair cut styles which did not require much follow up care. The most famous hair style was the bob, a style still popular today. This was simply a short straight blunt cut either with bangs or with the hair parted and laying over the face. The length could vary from ear length to below chin length. At first many ladies were very hesitant to chop off their prized hair and feared that the style would revert to long hair and they would be stuck. But as time went on more and more ladies succumbed to the new fad. Today the bob cut can take all different forms and shapes, be even or layered, streaked or smooth colored.

The pageboy was a popular type of bob at that time. This is a very simple hair cut which has bangs and the rest of the hair is cut very straight up to shoulder length. This is very popular today for kids but can look flattering for any age.

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