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If all the body parts and components were placed on the totem pole of importance hair would definitely fall quite low. Hair does not provide us with any of our vital life functions. A person can be missing hair and still be a completely healthy person, not handicapped at all. He can be perfectly active and participate in every activity. Yet a lack of hair can still have a dreadful impact- not on one's physical health but on one's mental health and emotional well being.

Our hair is one of the most integral aspects of our "look." It is probably one of the first features that catches they eye. It is the only part of our body which we were given the ability to mold into any form we choose and therefore, to a large extent, it defines us. More than any article of clothing and even then the figure, it is the hair that tells people who we think we are and what we aim to be. How awful a person feels when he walks around bereft of his crown of glory. He holds his head low, believing that he constantly emits a message of inadequacy. Every time someone looks at him, he wants to hide his face in shame, assuming that they are concentrating on his shortcomings. Even, in a less extreme case, where a person has hair, just not exactly "that perfect head of hair," his self esteem can suffer tremendously.

Today more and more people find solace to these problems in wigs and other hair replacement systems. Wigs provide baldies or people losing their hair with a new beautiful full head of hair. The unfortunates who do not like the hair that G-d gave them can now flip through a wigs catalogue and in minutes they can order their dream hair. Wigs are an easy solution for those of us who do not have the time to deal with our hair in the midst of our early morning rushes. Or they can be stored away for those bad hair days when our hair just seems to have a mind of its own. Some girls have pony tail attachments to add on to their short hair � just when they get into the mood. Movie stars often use wigs when their own hair just can not provide the "look" they need. And since the hair plays such an important role in our looks it is impossible to dress up without putting on the right hair. While the wig market is dominated by women's wigs, wigs are really enjoyed by men as well.

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