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Closet Organizers
At last, the answer to your prayers; closet organizers have arrived!

Bath And Shower Curtains
Enjoy these fun suggestions for amusing and tasteful bath and shower curtains!

Matching Oven Mitt And Potholder Set
The amazing matching oven mitt and potholder set, yet another great project or gift for the frugal homemaker!

Canopy Beds
Have the feeling of royalty you deserve at a price you can afford! Create your own canopy beds, and sleep soundly at last.

Dog Sweaters
Pamper you pooch with a handmade present by using these fabulous patterns and tips for dog sweaters!

Valentine's Day Projects
Valentine's Day projects that are sweet and fun for everyone!

Turn Old Sweaters Into Quilts
Turn old sweaters into quilts! It's a great project for the creative and thrifty crafters of the world!

Here are some fun ideas for your shower bathmats!

Sew A Cat Bed
A place for everyone and everyone in his place! Sew a cat bed and solve some of those unnecessary problems!

Living Room Curtain Ideas
Indulge in some of these stylish living room curtain ideas for your home.

Bean Bag Chairs
Looking for a fun, funky, and versatile gift idea? Try bean bag chairs, their number one in comfort and style combined.

Sew A Dog Bed
If you're looking for a great place for Rover, Fluffy, or Sparky to cuddle up, sew a dog bed!

Hooded Infant Bath Towel
Keep your baby warm and snug with a cozy hooded infant bath towel!

Decorative Pillow Covers
Here are some fabulous ideas for decorative pillow covers that you can make at home!

Do It Yourself Costume Ideas Part Three
Do it yourself costume ideas for you and your friends to enjoy!

Do It Yourself Costume Ideas Part Two
More do it yourself costume ideas for the whole family!

Do It Yourself Costume Ideas Part One
You and your kids will love these fantastic do it yourself costume ideas!

Doll Sewing Projects
Enjoy these doll sewing projects that you can create, and then save for generations to come.

Dollhouse Decorating - Part 2
This is your opportunity to let your imagination go. You can follow our ideas, or use them as inspiration for your own.

Dollhouse Decorating - Part 1
Now it's time to furnish and accessorize your dollhouse! This is your opportunity to let your imagination go. You can follow our dollhouse decorating ideas, or use them as inspiration for your own.

Make Your Own Doll House
Besides being a great money-saver (quality dollhouses cost a fortune these days), making your own doll house with your children nets other benefits, too. It gives your children a wonderful opportunity to use their imaginations in a positive way.

Cardboard Barn and Fortress
One of the things we can take advantage of during summer vacation is the opportunity to sit down and do activities with our children. This article will teach you how to make a cardboard barn and fortress.

Lovely Bridal Sachets
Very often the bride wants to give a personal gift to those special friends who will be closest to her on her wedding day. Well, these lovely bridal sachets are just the thing.

Bridal Project: Stunning Wedding Albums
June is fast approaching, and with it the upcoming wedding season. What better time to use your sewing skills to personalize a gift - for the bride, or for the bridesmaids?

Zipper-Closed Pillows
Knife-edged pillows with a zipper running along one seam are great for kids rooms and other rooms where you know that the pillows will get tossed, pushed, and even slept on by a child who fell asleep on the couch!

Easy and Inviting Patio Seat Covers
Have you ever looked out at the plain plastic chairs on your patio and wished you could do something to liven them up? Here's your answer: comfy and inviting patio seat covers that are a cinch to sew.

Fun Laundry Bags for Camp
Whether you're sending an eight year old to sleep-away camp or your eighteen year old to an out of state university, these fun laundry bags are just the thing to keep them organized with a taste of home!

Great-Looking Knife-Edged Pillows
Pillows can be used to add style and decoration to so many rooms in your home - and there is no pillow more versatile than the knife-edged pillow!

Quick Quilted Placemats with Matching Napkins
Quilted placemats with matching napkins add beauty to your table, and they're incredibly easy to sew!

Sew Easy
Sewing hints to make it easier and quicker to sew with your machine.

Poplin is a ribbed fabric produced from silk, rayon, wool, cotton or a mixture of these fibres.

Easy and Elegant Draped Lace Swags
Lace swags add luxury and grace to your room without giving it the stiff, austere feeling that sometimes accompanies formal decor.

Jersey is a soft, plain slightly elastic knit cloth made from wool, worsted, rayon, synthetics, cotton or silk.

Beautiful Table Runners
When I'm in the mood to move away from tablecloths and decorate with something else, I've found that table runners are just the thing.

Chambray is a fine, lightweight fabric designed from cotton.

Chintz is a cotton fabric, usually glazed and printed with flowers and designs of different colors.

Gingham is a yarn-dyed or printed fabric woven in stripes, checks, plaids or solid colors, and can be produced from cotton, manmade fiber or synthetics.

Madras Cotton
Madras is a lightweight fabric with patterned texture, generally derived from Cotton, but also produced from rayon or silk.

The Multipurpose Baby Diaper Bag
This beautiful baby diaper bag has enough room to hold all the toiletries and accessories you need for your baby.

Voile is a transparent woven fabric, mainly used for curtains.

Fabric Care
Helpful fabric care chart.

Seersucker is a thin fabric, usually produced from cotton but also made using rayon or synthetics and sewn with a plain, slack tension weave.

Homemade Grommet Curtains
Grommet Curtains have a neat designer look, yet are very easy to sew - and the rings are much easier to work with than they look!

Lawn is a plain weave cloth, produced from cotton.

Measurement Conversion Chart
Here is a handy measurement conversion chart.

Beautiful Toddler Quilts
Quilts make beautiful baby gifts, for you or a friend!

Easiest Tablecloth Ever
We have the easiest, prettiest rectangular tablecloth you'll ever make.

How to Make Pretty Doll Clothes
doll clothes! Making doll clothing is a great way to learn to sew without a major investment of time or money.

How to Sew a Drawstring Bag
Drawstring bags are more versatile than you think. They can be used for anything from a small change purse to a knapsack! If made elegantly, they can also be used as evening bags or as beautiful gift-wraps.

Flange Pillows are Sew Much Fun
Raw edge flange pillows are small, decorative pillows that look larger because of the flange - a border of flat fabric that goes around the outer edge of the pillow.

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