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sewing tips

Stencil Art
Stencils are fun for a rainy day kids' craft or that fresh new room makeover.

Paper Mache Pulp
Learn how to paper mache pulp style.

How to Paper Mache the Easy Way
Paper mache is the ultimate fun and crazy weekend craft.

Ceiling Arts and Crafts
Ceiling art is the fun and exciting way to give a new look to an old room.

Crafts With Popsicle Sticks
Popsicle sticks for fun-filled hours

Organize Craft Supplies- 1-2-3 Go!
Organizing craft supplies today for a better (crafting) tomorrow.

Hand Beaded Jewelry Ideas
How to bead jewelry and beaded jewelry designs, ideas and techniques

Macrame Knot Variations
Discover the more exotic and beautiful macrame knots.

Dried Flowers Elegance
Learn how to dry flowers quickly and easily.

Dried Flowers- Capture That Moment
Learn how to dry flowers quickly and easily so you can keep that magical feeling forever.

Indoor Plant Hangers
If you're ready for some nostalgia, try this macrame plant hanger pattern and bring back those 'old school' memories.

Macrame Purse
How to make a macrame bag in twenty steps.

Exotic Macrame Curtains
Looking for curtain ideas? Try these macrame curtains to welcome you home.

Macrame Hammock Heaven
Make your own hammock with this fun macrame hammock pattern.

Kitchen & Bathroom Towel Ring
Dress up your home with free macrame towel accessories patterns

Free Macrame Patterns Windsock
The macrame windsock is one of many fun and free macrame patterns you'll find right here.

Beautiful Macrame Belt Pattern
Accessorize in style with free macrame belt patterns.

Make Kanzashi Come Alive
Discover the beautiful art of kanzashi, and learn how to use tsumami kanzashi embellishment.

Magical Macrame Jewelry Making
Accessorize with handmade macrame necklaces, earrings and bracelets made by you with these easy to use macrame jewelry patterns.

Macrame Patterns
Find loads of beautiful and fun macrame patterns and macrame projects right here.

Macrame Projects For Beginners: Keychain
Get plenty of free macrame patterns from easy to difficult, starting with the most fundamental of the macrame projects, a macrame keychain.

Macrame Bracelets
Stylish and simple macrame bracelets.

Scrapbook Project 101: How to Scrapbook
Preserve those cherished memories forever with a unique scrapbook project. Learn how to scrapbook on Stitchnsave.

More Intricate Macrame Knots
Learn some of the, seemingly, more intricate knots involved in macrame.

Washing Away The Winter Blues
Stay ahead of the winter blues with a clean home and a little creativity.

How to Macrame
Here are step-by-step macrame instructions for beginners of the art.

Decoupage: The Art of Mod Podge
Find fun decoupage ideas that you can mod podge at home.

History Of Macrame
Love to learn: an interesting synopsis of the history of macrame.

Staying Warm This Winter
Here are some tips on staying warm this winter that are fun and easy, and, of course, some more great crafts to keep you busy.

Appliques Application
Find fabulous ideas and how to tips for using appliques.

Stained Glass Part Two
Brush up on some stained glass terminology, and learn a thing or two about this art.

Decorative Stained Glass Projects That You Can Do On Your Own
Follow these easy steps to making stained glass and transform your home into a stunning art gallery of stained glass items.

Stain Removal Tips That Work
What to do when tough stains hit. Stain removal tips that work.

Stunning Round Table Cloths
Use the elegance and beauty of round table cloths to dress up an end table or bring new life to a whole room.

The Art of Candle Making
Fun-loving crafters, looking for a new project? Candle making is the exciting answer.

Origami, The Hidden Art
Living on the edge; Origami for the average, or not so average, guy and girl.

Holiday And Christmas Crafts For Everyone
Share this holiday season with your kids by doing fun and creative holiday and Christmas crafts that you'll all enjoy!

Sock Puppets
It's fun, it's easy, it's sock puppets for the whole family!

How to Sew Chair Covers
Learning how to sew chair covers is a great summer afternoon project that you can do along or with your kids.

African American Wigs
African American wigs can give you that super star look everyday, regardless of your hair type, style, or color.

Cheap Wigs
Don't settle for cheap wigs. Enjoy inexpensive quality wigs.

Bird Feeders
Summer slump saviors; build kid-friendly bird feeders for wonderfully energetic and insatiably curious.

Lace Front Wigs
Everything you want and need to know about lace front wigs.

Chair Backs
From chair backs to legs, an in depth look at the piece of furniture that has stood the test of time.

Human Hair Wigs
Try human hair wigs for those times when you just need a little break from everyone, including yourself!

Toys Your Pet Will Adore Sew Much

These are toys your pet will adore sew much!

Theatrical Wigs
Are you or your child starring in an upcoming play or event? Make your own theatrical wigs!

Easy To Make Stuffed Toys for Kids
Easy to make stuffed toys for kids that both you and your children will love.

Summer Camp Toiletry Organizers
Summer Camp Toiletry Organizers; don't leave home without 'em.

Baby Bibs
Keep your babies clean in a fun and economical fashion. Make your own baby bibs!

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