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t-shirt quilts

T-Shirt Quilts


The word "quilt" is derived from the Latin word culcita, which means a stuffed sack, mattress, or cushion. A quilt is a bedspread or blanket made of two layers that is filled with a material, such as cotton, wool, feathers, or down, and is stitched together, usually in a decorative design.

What is a T-Shirt Quilt?

T-shirt quilts are just what they sound like: they are quilts that are made from t-shirts! Oftentimes, t-shirt quilts are used as keepsake quilts. These are quilts that serve as a memento or heirloom and are usually purchased or made with the receiver in mind.

Making T-Shirt Quilts

To make a t-shirt quilt, one must first gather t-shirts - preferably old or meaningful ones - and wash them. Next one must cut out the logo or main design of each t-shirt. The best way to do this is to have a template of the size of the block, or basic quilt unit, that you want to have. Use this as a guide for the size of the block to ensure that each block will be of equal size. Once all the "blocks" are cut out, one must give special attention to how they will be arranged given their color and logo style. The quilt is then made in the normal quilting fashion by sewing those blocks together.

Where to Get T-Shirt Quilts

If you are short on time or aren't the crafty type, there are other ways to get t-shirt quilts aside from making them yourself. There are many companies that can be found on the internet that will make a keepsake quilt from one's old t-shirts. When dealing with these kinds of quilts, a hole or stain on the shirt can add more "character" to the quilt; it can add a story or memory, making the quilt a much more personal gift. T-shirt keepsake quilts are also a great way to make use of those old t-shirts stored in the attic!

Benefits and Uses

There are many benefits to choosing to make or buy a t-shirt quilt. Firstly, you can rest assured that your quilt will be warm and soft to the touch as the t-shirts being used are most likely already worn in. Another nice thing about choosing to make a t-shirt quilt is that the size of the t-shirt you are using does not really make a difference; one can even use toddler shirts for a t-shirt quilt as long as the front of the shirt is big enough to meet the size of the block template.

There are many uses for t-shirt quilts. T-shirt quilts with meaningfully selected blocks not only keep the receiver warm on the outside, it also warms them on the inside! T-shirt quilts make great gifts. T-shirt quilts not only keep the receiver warm in the winter, but they are also a great way to get rid of old t-shirts that are either full of holes, stained, or out of style.

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