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Quilt Racks

Quilt Racks

Quilt racks are the ideal way to display or store your quilts. Imagine a clothes valet, but designed for quilts. Many quilt racks have up to three rods allowing you to have three quilts on display. You can have one rod used for the quilt you are currently working on, while at the same time another rod can display an already finished quilt.

Quilt racks are the ideal solution for putting away a quilt while you are not working on it, freeing up valuable floor or table space, yet leaving your quilt on display and safe from being stepped on.

If you own old and precious quilts, quilt racks are the perfect storage option. Instead of storing these quilts in your attic, making them vulnerable to dirt and animals, a quilt rack allows you to bring these quilts into your living room or bedroom to enjoy them all of the time.

Quilt racks also make handsome pieces of furniture, even when not being used to display quilts. Husbands will be sure to enjoy quilt racks too because when not being used for quilts, they can double as a clothes valet.


There are several different styles of quilt racks. Most quilt racks are made of wood or iron. Wood makes for a durable quilt rack and with the many different types of finishes that there are, you can find the one that best suits your home furniture.

Quilt racks can be mounted or can be standing. A mounted quilt rack can be a clamping or compression quilt rack, meaning that the quilt is held securely between two pieces of wood, allowing you to fully display your quilt without putting any holes in it or stretching the quilt because of uneven pressure. Mounted quilt racks can also have a rod for you to hang the quilt over. This is ideal for quilts that are in process, giving you a fast and easy way to store your quilt and take it back down.

Standing quilt racks look like a clothes valet. They have a wooden frame with rods running across the top where you can drape your quilt over. These come in many different sizes and designs, and can have up to three rods allowing you to display three quilts simultaneously.

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