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Quilt Hangers

Quilt Hangers

Quilt hangers are the ideal way to display or store your quilts. A basic quilt hanger is made of two thin pieces of wood that compress together, clamping the top of the quilt in between them. Quilt hangers are easily wall mounted and look great.

Quilt hangers are the ideal solution for putting away a quilt while you are not working on it, freeing up valuable floor or table space, yet leaving your quilt on display and safe from being stepped on. Quilt hangers are also safe for your quilt because nothing penetrates through the quilt, sparing you from any unwanted holes. Instead, bolts or clamps are used to tighten the quilt in between two pieces of wood, maintaining even pressure on the quilt. Some quilt hangers use a special foam padding in between the wood pieces, which serves to cushion the quilt so that thicker areas, such as those with seams and bindings, do not receive all the pressure from tightening the quilt rack, and also ensuring an even distribution of pressure, keeping your quilt intact and protecting it against stretching.

If you own old and precious quilts, quilt hangers are the perfect storage option. Instead of storing these quilts in your attic, making them vulnerable to dirt and animals, a quilt hanger allows you to bring these quilts into your living room or bedroom to enjoy them all of the time.


Quilt hangers come in many different sizes. Finding the size of quilt hanger you need is easy. Decide which side will be the top of the quilt when hung, and measure the length of this side. This is the minimum size of the quilt hanger you will need to correctly hang this quilt. Some people like the way a quilt look when hung on a slighter larger quilt rack.

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