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Keepsake Quilts

Keepsake Quilts

The word "quilt" is derived from the Latin word culcita, which means a stuffed sack, mattress, or cushion. A quilt is a bedspread or blanket made of two layers that is filled with a material, such as cotton, wool, feathers, or down, and is stitched together, usually in a decorative design.

What is a Keepsake Quilt?

Keepsake quilts are quilts that are made with the intention that the quilt will serve as a memento, or keepsake. These quilts usually have a specific theme and are purchased or made with the receiver in mind.

Types of Keepsake Quilts

Some popular keepsake quilts are t-shirt keepsake quilts, baby keepsake quilts, photo keepsake quilts, and keepsake quilting kits. T-shirt keepsake quilts are made by gathering old t-shirts, washing them, and then cutting out their logo or main design and using that cut-out as one's quilt block. The quilt is then made in the normal quilting fashion by sewing those blocks together, giving special attention to arranging the blocks in an interesting way with respect to color. There are many companies that can be found on the internet that will make a keepsake quilt from one's old t-shirts. When dealing with these kinds of keepsake quilts, a hole or stain on the shirt can add more "character" to the quilt; it can add a story or memory, making the quilt a much more personal gift. T-shirt keepsake quilts are a great way to make use of those old t-shirts stored in the attic!

Baby keepsake quilts are another popular type of keepsake quilt. These quilts usually feature pastel colors and easily recognizable shapes. One popular baby keepsake quilt style is an "ABC quilt". These baby keepsake quilts feature the letters of the alphabet with pictures of objects that correspond with each letter.

Photo keepsake quilts are quilts whose blocks are either made up of individual photos printed on fabric, or parts of a larger photo that will serve as the focal point of the keepsake quilt. Photographs can easily be printed on fabric at drugstores or specialty stores. Three are even kits available on the internet for home printing on fabric. Alternatively, one can send all the photos they want to appear on a quilt to one that makes photograph quilts and then await its arrival in the mail.

One can also purchase either online, through catalogues, or in craft stores "keepsake quilt kits". These are kits with precut blocks that allow the purchaser a chance to practice quilt-making while being able to skip some of the more tedious steps of cutting the patterns out of the fabric and selecting fabric.


There are many uses for keepsake quilts. Not only does the quilt keep the receiver warm on the outside, it also warms them on the inside! Photo keepsake quilts, baby keepsake quilts or t-shirt quilts make great gifts. Baby keepsake quilts are an easy and useful gift for baby showers. T-shirt quilts not only keep the receiver warm in the winter, but they are also a great way to get rid of old t-shirts that are either full of holes, stained, or out of style. Photo keepsake quilts can be very meaningful and can serve as a blanket full of warm memories. Keepsake quilting kits provide one with quilting practice and also give a finished product that can then be used as a meaningful gift.

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