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Free Quilt Patterns

Free Quilt Patterns

A quilt is a bedspread or blanket made of two layers that is filled with a material, such as cotton, wool, feathers, or down, and is stitched together, usually in a decorative design. It is believed that quilts originated out of need, as they provide warmth, rather than as an art. Early patchwork quilts were made of left-over scraps of fabric, often times not following a quilt pattern.

Quilt making as a form of arts and crafts only evolved in America in the 19th century, and this is when quilt patterns began to take on new importance amongst quilters. These first quilt patterns were free of course, traded amongst friends and family. County Fairs began to appear where quilt makers could receive prizes for their valuable quilts and designs, and to compare and share different quilt patterns. Quilting Guilds and Quilting Bees were formed, again emphasizing the social structure of quilters and allowing for the free trading and creation of quilt patterns. During this period, new quilt patterns were introduced; in fact, most patterns found in today's quilts were developed during this period.

Quilt patterns, as their name implies, are a type of a template to guide the quilter in making the quilt blocks, which are the smaller units that make up the quilt top. Some quilt pattens are more difficult than others, requiring more steps and materials. Free quilt patterns refers to quilt patterns that can be obtained without money, either from the internet or mail-in orders.


There are many different types of free quilt patterns. The types of free quilt patterns you are likely to find can range from free baby quilt patterns to butterfly quilt patterns, and many more in-between. You are sure to find the right free quilt pattern for you. There are also many different styles of free patterns available. For example, in many popular free quilt patterns, the quilt block is divided along the diagonal and different fabrics, usually a light and a dark, are on opposing sides of the diagonal. This is called half square triangles because the quilt block is divided into half-square triangles; this is the most used quilt block in quilting. Another popular free quilt pattern is the 4-Patch quilt. This pattern divides the quilt block into four equal sections. A basic 4-Patch has two different fabrics creating a checker-board look. A 9-Patch quilt pattern divides the quilt square into nine equal squares, similar in concept to the 4-Patch.

Where to Find

In the past, the way to obtain free quilt patterns was by trading with friends and family. Quilting Bees and County Fairs were also popular social functions where quilters could trade their quilt patterns, and share ideas and techniques. With the invention of the printing press, and eventually quilting publications, a new way of reaching thousands of quilters became available. These journals discussed quilting techniques and ideas, as well as providing pictures of different quilts. Here too people were able to share quilt patterns and reach a bigger audience than ever.

Today, the easiest place to find free quilt patterns is the internet. There are literally thousands of patterns available online, making it easier than ever to find the quilt pattern that suits your project.

Free Quilt Patterns,, has links to 924 different web sites offering free quilt patterns. This site is a great resource for quilters looking for new ideas or even a specific pattern.

Of course, there are an endless amount of sites available with different styles and techniques. Free quilt patterns are an excellent way to widen your range of patterns and styles, and learn new techniques, while saving you money to spend on fabric and supplies instead!

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