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Wholesale Fleece Fabric

Today's fleece fabric is a high-tech material that is uniquely soft to the touch. In comparison to its weight, fleece offers tremendous warmth, making it a top choice in the field of fabrics. Given its current popularity, fleece fabric can be found in all kinds of stores, at both retail and wholesale prices.

Many retail stores offer the option of buying fleece fabric at wholesale prices, provided you buy a large quantity of fleece fabric. For example, some stores demand a minimum purchase of two-dozen fabric pieces per style and color in order to be eligible to buy wholesale fleece fabric. Others demand that you order a quantity in excess of 20 yards per type of fabric in order to buy fleece fabric wholesale. Any purchase less than 20 yards would be considered retail. As a 'bonus' for buying wholesale fleece fabric, some fabric dealers offer accompanying orders of notions/accessories/trims at wholesale prices as well.

However, most wholesalers require that you are a registered business with a tax identification number in order to be eligible to obtain fleece fabric at wholesale costs. Other requirements may vary according to the wholesaler. You will need to check with the fleece fabric wholesaler for other requirements.

If you are manufacturing goods for resale or are a business recognized by the state with a tax ID number or a license number, your wholesale fleece fabric distributor may have a special wholesale plan designed for you. Be sure to ask if there is a QW (qualified wholesaler) form available before ordering your wholesale fleece fabric. If you are purchasing fleece fabric wholesale, you may also be eligible for consideration for special orders of fabric not currently stocked. Purchasing full rolls of wholesale fleece fabric may earn you a further cost reduction, and to compliment your wholesale fleece fabric package, drop shipments (anything shipped directly to you) may cost you only the sum of shipping costs from the mill.

If you are used to shopping from wholesaler/distributor catalogs, you can find out about wholesale fleece fabric styles and colors available by requesting a current wholesaler/distributor catalog, or by browsing the fabric manufacturer's product line on their website. Note that it is often more advantageous to order from a wholesaler/distributor rather than through direct purchase because the wholesalers offer many services, such as lower freight costs, one day service, small order quantities, credit cards, etc., not available through direct purchase.

While there are some fabric wholesalers who do not accept returns of garments that have manufacturer defects, any quality fabric manufacturer will stand behind all of their manufactured fabrics and require the same of their wholesalers. Fleece fabric wholesalers should accept returns of your fleece garments with manufacturer defects.

A good place to look for wholesale fleece fabrics is the Internet, which is replete with directories and listings of wholesale fabric distributors. Many fabric manufacturers have both online and print catalogs available describing their retail and wholesale fleece products, and some have sample swatch packets available for purchase. Most online wholesale fabric inventories are updated daily, providing you with up-to-date wholesaler/distributor information that reflects inventory availability as of the close of business the previous day.

Another excellent source for learning where to buy wholesale fleece fabric, or which places will give you a discount for buying fleece fabric in bulk, is the Wholesale Fleece Fabric Suppliers & Wholesalers List brought to you in the Crafter's & Quilter's Wholesale Fabric Sources eBook, produced by MyMommyBiz. This ebook is available for Only $19.99 with instant download.

Use your wholesale fleece-know-how to feel your way, and purchase wholesale fleece fabric today!

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