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Types of Fleece

Fleece products are currently flooding the markets, spurred by popular demand. There are now countless types of fleece products available. Fleece fabrics alone are available in the gamut of solid colors, in scores of printed themes, varieties and color combinations, and can be bought at local fabric stores or online fabric stores at both retail and wholesale prices.

Fleece fashion is also on the rise, as the number and types of fleece garments available continue to grow. You can now find fleece clothing, outdoor gear, and fleece accessory items for men, women, young adults, children, and even for your pet!

While there are many types of fleece available, if you want "the real deal", you want fleece products made by Malden Mills. The original inventor of modern day fleece, Malden Mills fleece fabrics are marketed under the trademark names Malden Mills ®, Polarfleece ® , and Polartec ®.

Fleece types are categorized by weight, providing the right level of insulation for outdoor activities. For example, Microfleeces are lightweight fabrics, almost like chamois. They're perfect for shirts, leggings, housecoats, lightweight jacket linings, and scarves. Next in line are 100-weight fleeces, which can be one or two-sided, meaning they're fuzzy on either one or both sides. Slightly heavier than Microfleece, these fabrics are excellent for a warm first layer or lightweight sweater, as well as for lightweight gear for heads, feet, and hands.

Medium-weight fleeces are the most common and versatile on the market. Polar TecTM 200 Series, made by Malden Mills in the U.S., is the most popular weight due to the warmth it provides while adding minimal bulk and weight. This non-bulky type of fleece is good for all seasons. Wicking moisture away from the body, and available with a water-repellant finish, this fleece type makes great jackets, vests, blankets, mittens, hats and a multitude of other projects. It is also available in 18 colors. Cool TechTM, a Canadian product, is another example of a medium-weight fleece.

Polartec 300 ® provides a warm thermal layer for very cold outdoor activities and is known as the best insulating fleece made. It can be worn as an insulating layer by itself, or under a waterproof shell. Still other types of fleece come with spandex or lycra and have many uses.

Today, with advanced fabric technology, Polartec has developed sophisticated, improved features that are designed into or applied to existing fabrics. For example, unique silver yarns add permanent odor resistance, while yarn selection and different construction techniques create wind resistant and sun protective fabrics. And with advanced surface fusion polymer, fleece fabric types can now be made more durable and highly water repellant.

There are even types of fleece especially made for the U.S. military, performing in the harshest conditions, as well as fleece types to serve fire fighters and medical personelle.
The following is the inventory list of the "Polartec Family" fleece fabrics you can purchase today:

  • Polartec ® Power Dry ® - Lightweight
  • Polartec ® Power Dry ® - Midweight
  • Polartec ® Power Dry ® - Heavyweight
  • Polartec ® Power Stretch ®
  • Polartec ® 100 Series - Double Velour
  • Polartec ® 100 Series - Single Velour
  • Polartec ® 100 Series - Micro
  • Polartec ® 100 Series - Flame Resistant
  • Polartec ® 200 Series - Double Velour
  • Polartec ® 200 Series - Velour / Shearling
  • Polartec ® 200 Series - Textured Effects
  • Polartec ® 200 Series - Shearling
  • Polartec ® 200 Series - Prints
  • Polartec ® 300 Series - Double Velour
  • Polartec ® 300 Series - Shearling
  • Polartec ® 300 Series - Velour/Shearling
  • Polartec ® Wind Pro ®
  • Polartec ® Aqua Shell ™
  • Polartec ® Windbloc ®
  • Polartec ® Windbloc ® ACT ®

Polartec fleece types are also grouped by color numbers:


  • White/Off-Whites:1000-1999
  • Blues:2000-2999
  • Greens:3000-3999
  • Reds:4000-4999
  • Yellows:5000-5999
  • Oranges:6000-6999
  • Brown/Tans:7000-7999
  • Purples:8000-8999
  • Black/Greys:9000-9999

In order to help you select the perfect fleece from the array of fleece fabric types on the market, the Malden Mills Online Retail Store ( offers you the option of ordering sample swatch packs, to touch and feel the quality for yourself, and to see the colors. There are currently two packs available:

Clearance Swatch Pack ($5 shipping and handling included): These fabrics are on the way out, making room for new products. They are priced to sell!

The All Time Favorites Pack ($5 shipping and handling included): Includes the basic colors and prints manufactured for the Malden Mills Retail Store program.

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