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Team Licensed Fleece Projects

Looking for ways to show your team spirit? What better (and more comfortable) way than with some team licensed fleece apparel items? You can get NFL fleece, NCAA fleece, NHL fleece, NBA fleece, you name it, the print is out there. So get a couple of yards of your favorite team's licensed fleece, and start your sewing machines. Just how can you show everyone your true sports colors with a bit of fleece? Here are a few great fleece ideas for the real fans out there.

Official NFL fleece blanket pattern: From NBA to NFL, fleece blankets are great to cozy up with, whether it is actually game time or not. Use these fleece blanket patterns to make a cozy blanket for you and your friends to huddle up under at a chilly game. You can also use your FANtastic NFL fleece blanket for a picnic. Keep at the foot of your bed as an extra layer on colder nights, in the trunk of your car for emergencies, or just display it proudly, especially when your team wins!

NCAA fleece bag: They can finally keep their dorm rooms a little neater when you send your son or daughter off to college with an elite NCAA fleece laundry bag. Your kids will love the thoughtful touch and the fact that you remembered who their favorite team was. Maybe they will even be proud enough to haul it over to a laundry mat…or maybe not.

NFL hooded fleece: These sweatshirts are great all year round. They are trendy, comfortable and versatile enough to fit nearly any weather condition. Wear as an extra layer for cool autumn nights or alone on a summer evening. Use a standard sweatshirt pattern, and appliqué your logo or make your NFL hooded fleece entirely from a licensed fleece print.

NHL fleece sleeping bag liner: If hockey is your game, there are plenty of NHL fleece prints that you can use, as well. Line your sleeping bag with team spirited fleece for all those long nights of scalping tickets.

NBA fleece body pillow: For the fan who really LOVES his basketball, you can make an NBA fleece body pillow. The only problem with this fleece project is getting out of bed in the morning!

Licensed fleece throws: If you are not a fanatic, but just enjoy seeing your team win, you can make a more subtle display of loyalty with an attractive fleece throw with your team's logo on the corner.

NFL fleece jackets: Finally, for the stylish football females, check out the latest in NFL fleece jackets. This trendy mid hip jacket struts sherpa collar and sleeves, double buckles across the chest and stomach, a "V" slit down the front, and, of course, your team's initials on the corner. More avid fans can also appliqué the team logo across the back. This NFL fleece jacket will keep you warm and looking good while you brave those chilly home field games, and if you are particularly crafty, you can even make your own.

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