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Stylish Men & Women's Fleece Gloves Pattern

Fleece gloves are soft and comfortable, keeping your hands warm without obstructing your movement. You can make women's fleece gloves or men's, both are stylish and cozy. Polar and stretch fleece gloves are the most common because this fleece is the most flexible. Here is an easy pattern so you can make your own fleece gloves (see below). This pattern can be adjusted to fit larger or smaller hands, but the pattern was intended for a medium (61/2-71/2) size. You can also extend the length of this glove for elegant long evening gloves. (Note: This pattern shows one glove. For a pair you will need to repeat the process.)

Here's what to do:

  1. Lay your pattern flat down on to your fabric.
  2. Cut along the black lines.
  3. Attach the thumb.
  4. Attach the inserts between the fingers (gussets).
  5. Sew the final seams together and adjust the fit accordingly.

You can also make your own pattern by tracing your hand onto paper.

- Lay your left hand flat onto a folded piece of paper with your fingers close together (index finger should be parallel to the fold). trace around your hand and down the pinky finger side of the hand. Make a dot mark at the three joint points of the fingers and by the thumb joint. Draw a straight line from the dot to the top of the fingertip. Now make three lines corresponding to the three dots you made between the fingers. Draw the lines from � inch below the dots to the bottom of the curve of your hand. Make three more dots �" down corresponding to each of the three lines. From the middle dot, make a line measuring 2 �" downward to represent the cuff. Make two more lines, also 2 �", but have them converge slightly towards the center. Make a circle a half an inch from the centerfold to indicate the thumbhole.

- Now you can cut the gussets for each hand (the pieces in between the fingers). Measure from fingertip to finger tip in a large cigar shape. Measure all around your ring finger and divide by three to get the width of each gusset. This one will go from the tip of your ring finger, curve into the dip and end at the tip of your pinky finger. Measure all around your fore finger and divide by three for the other gusset. This one will attach from the tip of your fore finger along the edge, ending at the tip of your middle finger. Mark each one as you go so you know which one goes where.

- Finally, cut out your thumb piece. Bear in mind that this piece will be on a slope to allow for the angle of your hand. Measure around the second knuckle of your thumb, this will be your width around the curve. Now measure from the tip of your thumb to the base of your wrist to get a length. Cut out and fold this piece in half along the curve. Try on before attaching this to your glove body.

- Once all your pieces are drawn and cut out, sew along the pinky edge. Now try it on and see how it fits so far. Sew in the gussets and finish sewing the glove, trying on after each addition. Flex your hand to ensure that you have enough room to move freely.

Note: When tracing and measuring your own pattern, remember to allow for seam allowances.

Get the Glove Pattern Here

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