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Polar Fleece

Plush. Pleasant. Popular. Some call it perfect. Everybody is wearing it: Men, women, children, even pets; Baby boomers, athletes and jocks, and activists of all kinds; the U.S. military, shuttle astronauts and even Oprah. We're talking about a new fabric on the block that gives fresh meaning to the word soft. We're talking about Polar Fleece.

Invented by Malden Mills in the late 1970's, Polarfleece is the original synthetic fleece fabric that has forever changed the way the world dresses for cold weather. Before the 1980's, bracing for the cold meant bundling up under layers upon layers of heavy fabric that restricted movement and performed poorly when wet from internal and external sources. Polarfleece is famous for providing warmth without weight, is soft and highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities, and is easy to care for. Just machine wash and Polarfleece is quick to dry. Polarfleece is also durable and is sure to keep you feeling warm and looking hot for years to come!

Look for the unique polar bear logo and know that you are buying a bona fide Polarfleece product and quite possibly the best value in insulation on the market today.

Today, polar fleece products come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can choose polar fleece jackets, vests or pullovers. Polar fleece pants, sweaters, mittens, leggings, hats and scarves. Polar fleece blankets, throws and pillows. Polar fleece baby blankets, baby bonnets, booties and car seats. Embroidered and logo'd Polar fleece jackets. Polar fleece bathrobes, accessories and gift sets.

Polar fleece is now available in hundreds of colored fabrics, prints, themes and varieties. Polar fleece fabric and products can be bought retail or wholesale. Find Polar fleece in all kinds of stores, from discount department stores and chain fabric stores to outdoor specialty retailers and specialty fabric dealers. Polarfleece has recently been technically upgraded from a very basic material used to insulate jackets and coats to a high-performing material that actually wicks away moisture, helping the wearer stay warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions. Marketed by Malden Mills under the name Polartec, Polartec is an improved version of Polarfleece that comes in different weights for a variety of uses, and has a pile surface that did not pill.

When Polarfleece burst on the market years ago, it was very popular. Today, it is still as hot (and as cool!) and popular as it has always been. Leading fabric market managers claim that polar fleece is a natural for corporate consumers, as it appeals to a higher-end crowd that's drawn in by its qualities. Polar fleece is traditionally 100% polyester (although it can be blended with acrylic), is warmer and lighter than 100% cotton, is twice as warm as wool, and it doesn't shrink. It also can be made in different permutations: from a thick berber or sherpa finish to a very light microfiber with a soft hand. It's so trendy that even in traditionally warm weather states such as Georgia, people still buy and wear polar fleece. Polar fleece is a top seller among athletes of all types, and is the favorite among college students.

In polar fleece, fabric is what determines price point. And when it comes to cost, there's no middle ground in the polar fleece market. Chain fabric and department stores generally carry lower quality "fashion" fleeces that do not perform and last the way a high quality fleece will. Conversely, "Polarfleece" and "Polartec" are trademarked terms referring only to fleece fabrics made by Malden Mills. While these terms are used profusely all over the fabric world today, be sure that you are getting the real deal!

For your sewing delight, no other fabric can compare with polar fleece. Warm and cozy, fleece fabric is easy to sew and to work with. Most patterns calling for fleece fabric are very simple, making polar fleece sewing projects fast and rewarding. If you want to read up on sewing with polar fleece, check out these Polar fleece sewing books:

Adventures with Polarfleece, A Sewing Expedition by Nancy Cornwell; More Adventures with Polarfleece by Nancy Cornwell; Fleece in a Flash by Nancy Zieman.

Stay warm. Feel cool. Look Hot. Get your Polar fleece today.

(Malden Mills and Polarfleece are trademarks registered in the United States and in other jurisdictions for fabrics available only from Malden Mills Industries.)

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