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No Sew Fleece Poncho

Since everyone loved them so much last time, we decided to give you another no sew fleece poncho pattern. But when we saw so many fun ones, we couldn't choose, so here are some more great no sew poncho patterns. Enjoy!

No Sew Poncho Pattern #1

Double sided or reversible poncho

What you'll need:

Two pieces of fleece approximately half the height of the person who will be wearing it in complementing colors

Strip of fleece 1" wide and about 1 yard long in third color

Optional: fabric for flowers


1. Take your first square of fleece and make sure all the edges are clean and fairly even (they needn't be perfect). Cut a hole for your head by folding the square in half on the diagonal (to form a triangle). Find the center of the closed side of the triangle and measure about 3" out on either side of the pin mark for a total of 6" for the neck hole, and place one pin at each of these two points. This will be the approximate shape for your neckline. If making for a child, bear size differences in mind.

2. Do this again for the second piece of fleece. Make sure both pieces lay flat against each other and are cut evenly to one another.

3. Fold in the edge around the neck hole approximately one inch, and cut a small slit a little less than ½" into the fold (don't cut all the way through to the edge of the material!) Cut slits every inch or so all the way around the folded down neck line. Make sure that when folded, both pieces of fleece are laying together and flat.

4. Next you'll need to cut a 1" strip of fleece in another color, and, pulling it through from the back to the front, weave this strip into the small slits you made in the previous step. Start weaving at a slit that lines up with a corner (this will be the front of the poncho). Leave a few inches of fabric out on either end of the strip to use as a tie.

5. Cut a 4" or 5" square out of each corner and cut 1" fringes about an inch apart all around the four edges of the poncho. You can now tie the fringes from top fabric to the bottom fabric or leave them free flowing.

6. Optional: Cut out flowers, letters, animals or other appliqués from scraps of fleece and attach using the following method. Fold the appliqué in half, and cut two small slits on the edge (again about a half an inch long). Decide where you want your appliqués to lie on your poncho. Cut two slits according to each appliqué location. Using a small strip of fleece for each appliqué, pull the strip through the holes in the poncho and then through the holes in the appliqué. Finally, knot the strip of fleece to secure the appliqué to your poncho.

No Sew Poncho Pattern #2

What you'll need:

1"x1 ½ yard strips of fleece

36"x21" fleece

What to do:

1. Lay both pieces of fleece on top of each other, and cut 3" long fringes every inch or so all the way across one edge of your fabric.

2. Fold both layers of fabric in half vertically (folding one half of the fringes onto the other) to find the center of that edge. Put your finger in the fold and unfold. Place a pin in the spot where your finger is saving the center point. Measure about 3" out on either side of the pin mark for a total of 6" for the neck hole, and place one pin at each of these two points.

3. Starting from one end of the fabric, tie the bottom fringes to the corresponding top fringe until you reach a pin. Use a square knot for sturdy and pretty knots. Bring the top fringe over around and under the bottom fringe to form a knot. Do this again to complete your knot. Do this with each set of two fringes (one bottom one top). Then come from the other side and do the same thing, being sure to stop when you reach the pin. What you should have at the end of this step is a row of knots with a break in the middle approximately 6" long.

4. The next step is to add a neckline to your poncho. This is done by taking a strip of fleece (this can be the same or different color as your poncho) and knotting it to the neck fringes using the same procedure as above. Make sure you pull the strip of fleece across the neckline (not too tight), carrying over the same strip all along one or both sides of the neckline.

5. Fold the bottom edge up 3" and cut ¼" slits about 1 ½" apart. Stop 3" from the edge.

Weave the strip of fabric into these slits, finishing with the strip coming out onto the front of the poncho. Do this on all four sides. Tie the remaining ends of string in a knot at each corner.

Optional: Cut fringes about 2 ½" long (about ½" below the decorative ribbon), ¾" or 1" wide.

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