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No Sew Fleece Blanket

Blankets have been at work for centuries, keeping people warm and snug, and feeling safe and secure. Fleece blankets have given new meaning to the word comfort, as fleece fabric provides lightweight warmth with an unbelievably soft touch. Now, you can make your own fleece blanket with hardly any effort at all: you can make a no sew fleece blanket!

Fleece fabric is easy and simple to work with. For your no sew fleece blanket, choose from the vast array of fleece fabrics available - in solid colors, color combinations, and in scores of printed patterns and themes. Today, you can choose fleece fabric with storybook characters, animal/jungle themes, Disney characters, sports themes, and more. Choose high quality fleece fabric from Malden Mills for a no sew fleece blanket that will keep you warm for years to come!

No sew fleece blankets are a snap to sew! No sew fleece blankets can be made larger or smaller, depending on who they are for. Follow these fabric guidelines to make your no sew fleece blanket a snug fit:

For infants, use 1 metre of fleece fabric; for an older child, use 1.5 metres; for adults and teens, use 2 to 2.2 metres.

No sew fleece blankets can be made with one or with two pieces of fleece fabric. If you are using only piece, be sure to buy double sided fleece with a reversible pattern and follow the same directions as for a two-piece no sew fleece blanket.

Follow these instructions and prepare to cuddle up with your no sew fleece blanket in record time!

What you'll need:

Tape measure
Rotary cutter and mat, or a good pair of sharp scissors
Two pieces of fleece material that are exactly the same size
Note: One piece will be the front of your no sew fleece blanket, the other will be the back. You can choose the same fabric for both sides of your no sew fleece blanket, or two coordinating/complimentary fabrics

Cut off rough selvage edges (fabric fray) on both sides. Trim only as much as necessary, usually not more than 2 inches on each side.

Lay your fleece pieces wrong sides together, with edges matching. If you want, you can pin the layers together before cutting to keep the sides aligned and prevent slippage.

Cut a 4x4" square (or 5x5" square) out of each corner (through both layers of fleece) and discard. Next, you are going to cut a fringe all the away around the material as follows: Lay the fabric on a rotary cutting mat, and cut 1 inch wide and 4 or 5 inch long strips all the way around the fabric. Use a tape measure to help you keep the strips straight as you go along, or you can measure and mark the fabric first, or you can simply eye-ball it if you trust yourself. Remember, long, smooth cuts give a cleaner look.

When you are finished, start at one corner and begin to tie the fringe of the two layers together. Using an overhand knot close to the no sew fleece blanket edge, tie the front and back fringe together by using one strip from the front and one strip from the back to create a finished fringe edge. Repeat around all four sides. Be careful not to pull too hard, lest you stretch the fabric and distort your no sew fleece blanket. TIP: To make the tying look more even, tie every other one, all the way around the blanket, then flip the blanket over to the back and tie the rest.

TIP: Experiment with the way you tie the knots for different looks. You can make the knot show in either fabric as well as the fringe in either fabric.
TIP: Use an embroidery machine to personalize or embroider the no sew blanket in one corner.
TIP: Save your discarded fleece pieces for future crafting.

Finally, snuggle up and stay warm under your new, no sew fleece blanket!

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