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No-Sew Fleece Patterns

Fleece is a wonderful fabric to work with. It's light, easy, colorful, warm and soft as anything. You can literally make thousands of exciting projects from your fleece material. Even those who are allergic to the needle or sewing machine can have a ball with these no-sew fleece patterns.

No sew pet bed

Cut out two same shaped pieces of fleece. This can be any shape, but for newbies stick to a square or other similarly simple shapes. Lay one on top of another. Cut out a 4"x4" square from each of the corners. Next cut 4" long fringes approximately 1" apart. Tie the fringes from the top layer to the fringes of the bottom layer one pair at a time- that is, one from top and one from bottom piece of fabric. This will keep the pieces together. Before tying the fourth side together, stuff your pet bed with filler, approximately half way for maximum comfort. Close the remaining side, and set down for your little kitty, puppy, rabbit or whomever to enjoy. Some recommend using a liner inside your no sew fleece pet bed (although tying tight knots should ensure that stuffing stays put). Note: This same pattern can be used to make a human pillow (or as I like to call it a people pillow), using more stuffing for added comfort.


This same idea can be used to make a fleece blanket, as well. Cut two large pieces of fleece (about 2 yards for each piece/1 yard each for baby blanket), and cut off the finished edges (the salvage edge). Lay the bottom sides together. Smooth out to avoid wrinkles or bunching. Cut out a 4"x4" or 5"x5" square from each corner. This will be your measuring stick for the fringes. Do the same as above, cut fringes 4" or 5" long and 1" wide all around the four sides of the blanket (both pieces of fleece). Tie knots (you can do every other knot and then flip over to do the alternating knots so you get an even look all around). Make a fleece blanket for everyone you love this winter. It's so simple, it's crazy!

Baby carrier

The sweetest of all of our no sew fleece projects, here is a fabulous pattern for a 1-2-3 baby carrier.

What you'll need:

A piece of fleece that is 48" longx60" wide (about 2 yards)

A pair of sharp scissors or rotary cutter

1. Fold the fleece in half so that it is now 30" wide x48" long. Stretch it a bunch so you don't end up having a saggy piece of fleece after you've measured and worked so carefully.

2. Measure 4" up from the bottom edge (the bottom edge is the edge of the material closest to you) and place a pin in that spot. With the folded (or closed) side on your right, measure approximately 36"-38" in from the left edge of the fleece, and pin. It will make your life easier if you correspond these two pinpoints and make an "+" with the two of them. Now you're going to cut out a rectangle starting 4" up (in other words starting from your first pin) that goes in 38" (to your second pin). You should have 11" left from the large piece of fabric, when folded. If you were to open your fleece now you would have a large square in the center measuring 22" wide with two long thin straps, one on either side measuring 4" tall.

3. If you unfolded it, fold the fleece in half as before. Measure up from the bottom 24" and pin (place the pin near the closed side of the fleece). Measure in from the closed side of the fleece 7". Once again, make a "+" for convenience. Starting from the closed side of the fleece, cut out a piece of clothe that goes down to the 24" mark pin and in to the 7" pin mark.

4. Open your fleece and you should have a baby carrier with two shoulder straps, two waist straps and a pouch pocket in the middle. You are finished!

To tie your baby carrier, position the carrier in front of you with the waist straps close to your waist and the shoulder straps, you guessed it, lined up with your shoulders. I recommend tying the waist straps first. Using a tight double knot, secure the straps snuggly around your waist or hips (whichever is more comfortable). Some people like to put the baby in at this point, while others will want to wait. If you put the baby in now, bring the pouch over the baby's bottom and back. Make sure baby is in there comfortably and securely. Bring the shoulder straps down behind your back and make a crisscross before double knotting these. Alternatively, after crisscrossing, you can harness the shoulder straps to the ends of the waist strap. Either way, ensure that ties are tight and baby is secure. Nothing is better than keeping baby close to your heart at all times!

Look forward to more free fleece patterns to come!

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