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Micro Fleece- Your Summer Fleece Solution

Summer fleece? Is that an oxymoron? Nope. Fleece, that all around wonder material is even great for summertime wear. How about we look at why?

- Made from super thin micro fleece, summer fleece is lightweight, water (that means sweat) resistant, and easy to roll up and tuck away when not in use. This feature makes micro fleece clothing ideal for the summer, as the temperature is changing constantly throughout the day. Don't get stuck out in the cold and don't be overburdened by bulky sweaters or jackets in the hot summer sun. Use micro fleece as the perfect balance garment.

- Micro fleece jackets are great for that little bit of style or added layer that you often need, particularly on cool summer nights. Micro fleece tops make great layering options and fleece hoodies are also nice worn alone for a light and comfortable summer top.

- Summer fleece blankets are also very popular items, especially for the kids. When you don't need anything to keep you warm, but you are still looking for that layer of coverage, micro fleece blankets step up to the plate as a thin and soft covering for you and your family this summer.

- And if you think cuddling up with a micro fleece blanket sounds nice, think how heavenly a piece of summer fleece nightwear will feel. From sweat pants, to tees, to full size footie pajamas, micro fleece nightwear is available for babies, kids and adults.

- Let's not forget man's best friend, Fido. Micro fleece pet wear is a fabulously popular choice because of the way this unique material is made. Micro fleece is hydrophobic, which means the water vapor, from body heat for example, will pass through this material easily and not get trapped inside, making you hotter than necessary on a summer day. The refreshing breathe ability and feather-like weight makes it ideal for perspiring pets. Such breathe ability also makes micro fleece perfect for taking the chill out of a beautiful summer night, and even rigorous sports and activities can be done comfortably in a trendy micro fleece.

- Summer fleece doesn't mean you have to give up style either. With the flexibility and thinness of fleece, manufactures have come out with trendy and even form fitting fleeces. You can get attractive tops and comfortable jeans that feel good and look great too.

- If you are going to camp or camping out and have limited space, just don't leave out your fleece. Why? Because as always, micro fleece washes like a dream and dries almost immediately, making it the perfect article of clothing to have around when supplies are limited.

- By nature, summer fleece is extremely flexible, and allows for plenty of movement. So if you are planning a light jog in the early morning or during the day, a lightweight micro fleece sweatshirt would be a good bet.

Note: As with all fleeces, you should be careful with your summer fleece items around fire. Fleece is highly flammable, and can be a hazard if not attended to properly. Washing and caring for fleece should be done with cool water and without any heating elements.

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