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Hot New Fleece Styles

Fleece is gaining in popularity across the board. While fleece is famous and well-loved by casual dressers, the corporate end fashion designers are beginning to see the benefits as well. With breathability, moisture control, flexibility and incomparable comfort against the skin, fleece is an obvious winner among the fast-paced, on the go business world. Collared, cuffed, and embroidered with the company logo, a fleece quickly becomes a popular apparel item around the office.

What else is new in the world of fleece? Let's take a look:

If the Pants Fit: We are not talking about the comfortable sleepwear that everyone is used to from fleece. Hot new fleece pants come both entirely made of fleece and fleece-lined versions. Trendy fleece jeans are the latest haute couture. Before you fall in love with the curve hugging fit and top of the line fashion, look at the price tag. At a steep $2000, these pants are not for the faint of heart.

Lock it in: Companies, especially ColdGear®, are taking advantage of a fabulous new technology in the fashion industry. Thermal grid fabric is revolutionizing clothing as we know it. This feature effectively maintains internal temperature at a constant rate and wicks moisture, making the fabric dry faster. ColdGear® offers ideal camping and cold weather clothing including leggings, layering tops, and pants.

New and Improved: Companies just keep improving their hydrophobic nature of fleece, channeling the moisture better, and creating more breathable items. Manufactures continue to experiment with fleece combinations to bring the consumer (that's you and me) the most comfortable and flattering fleece apparel out there.

Ladies' Steppin' Out: And the latest news in fleece fashion is the introduction of women specific fleece styles. In 2008, fleece manufacturers finally woke up to the reality that women are not shaped just like men, and don't want to be "unisexed" into a wardrobe. Pants, tees and sweatshirts that are specifically designed for women are bursting out of this lucrative industry. From color options, to form fitting clothes, women can finally feel at home in their fleece clothing selection.

Team Spirit: Athletic and school fleeces area also in the upward trends. Athletic groups and school sports teams love the look and feel of this trendy and easy to move in fabric. Avid sports players are always looking for the materials that are durable, hard wearing and washing machine friendly. With all those benefits, fleece is the natural first choice for sports teams and athletes everywhere.

Fleece Lined Shoes: Probably at the height of adorable styles out there are the fleece lined slippers available for kids today. From clogs to full fledged bunny slippers, fleece is taking over the footgear scene. But don't worry, kids aren't the only ones who can take advantage of this fuzzy footwear. Nobody wants to go outside on a frigid winter day, but fleece-lined boots certainly make the task more appealing.

And last but not least, Oldies But Goodies: Hoodies are, as always, the favorite. Big lettering or not, those top of the line in comfort department apparel items win hands down in the sales department.

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