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Free Fleece Poncho Patterns

When the temperatures start to tumble, cover-up in this season's stylish solution to staying warm: Fleece ponchos. No zips, no buttons, easy on, easy off. Hipper than a sweater, cuter than a coat, and ever so warm, fleece ponchos are your cool weather way to go!

Yes, the Seventies fashion is back in. A versatile substitute for a sweater or a jacket, fleece ponchos can look cool and hip, or classy and elegant. For day or evening, add flair to your outfit by throwing on a fleece poncho.

One of the characteristics of fleece is that it won't ravel so you don't have to finish the edges, making sewing projects with fleece a breeze! Very easily, you can make your own fleece poncho. While some fleece poncho patterns consist of merely a square piece of fabric with a hole in the middle, other fleece poncho patterns call for 2 rectangle pieces of fleece fabric and some simple cutting and sewing. The Internet is full of free fleece poncho patterns for your convenience. Here is one source to get you started:

Mommy Savers

Or, to purchase poncho patterns, check out:

Denver Fabrics

The length of a fleece poncho depends on your height, and on your preference. Some like their fleece ponchos to be ankle length, while some like a hipper, hip-length look.

To make the simplest fleece poncho, follow this free fleece poncho pattern: Buy one yard of fabric for an adult, a smaller amount for a child. Cut the fabric into one large diamond shape. Carefully cut a hole in the center of the diamond, and with the tip of your scissors cut evenly around the neck edge where your head will go through. Finally, you can finish the neck edge by stitching with a matching or contrasting color of yarn, and slip-stitch or fringe the bottom of your fleece poncho as desired.

Other handmade fleece ponchos are made from two rectangles. For these fleece poncho patterns, you'll need one yard of 60-inch fleece of your choice (this will make one adult poncho or two ponchos for a small child), scissors and some basic sewing skills.

To size a fleece poncho, measure the recipient's arm from the neck, over the shoulder, down to the hand (however far down you would like it to fall, including the fringe). This will be the dimension of the rectangle that lies along the length of the fleece. For the crosswise dimension, add about 8". Make sure the long edge goes on the crosswise grain - it will provide the stretch needed to get the poncho over the wearer's head.


Cut a fringe all the way around the bottom

Tie a knot at the base of each fringe tassel for a more frilly look

String one wooden bead on each fringe tassel before tying the knot

Make a matching fleece poncho belt

Embroider your initials on the fleece poncho corner

Use scraps of fleece fabric in different colors to create a design on your fleece poncho

So, for a care-free look that's warm and stylish, enjoy the freedom of creating your own personalized, fashionable fleece poncho with a free fleece poncho patterns today!

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