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Fleece Socks

When the wind howls and the temperatures drop, don't get cold feet - put both feet forward and step out wearing warm, comfortable fleece socks.

Made from medium weight 100% polyester fleece fabric, fleece socks keep moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet dry and warm even if you get soaking wet. Ideal foot wear for season round activities, fleece socks dry faster than traditional wool socks and are your foot's best companion whether you are skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, walking, ice fishing, hunting or just lounging around at home.

Nothing can beat the unbelievable softness of fleece socks. To maximize the comfort of your tender tootsies, some fleece socks are made from a combination of different fleece fabrics, each serving a "soleful" purpose. For example, you can find fleece socks that combine Polartec fleece for warmth, Polartec Power Stretch for fit, and Polartec Power Dry for rapid moisture management. To keep you extra warm and your feet blister-free, Polartec 300 fleece soles offer cushioning and warmth, while Polartec 100 fleece tops provide a good fit with less bulk.

Fleece socks are uniquely constructed with smooth, flat-lock seams for comfort and a perfect fit. Flat lock seams are the reason fleece socks are so easy to put on, and why they stay up without uncomfortable restrictive materials. Furthermore, fleece socks are hypoallergenic, they don't shrink, and they don't mat or pill. Providing maximum comfort in a very technical sock, no other footwear can outmatch or outmarch fleece socks.

Add fleece socks to your outdoor gear for camping, backpacking and hiking. Expedition fleece socks feature revolutionary grid foot-beds with microfibres that trap air in channels, offering superb moisture management as they leave feet warm and dry even as feet sweat or get wet.

Wear fleece socks with slippers, or without shoes indoors. Wear fleece socks with shoes, sandals, boots or sporting footwear. Wear them with sneakers, clogs, work- shoes, waders, around the house or to bed. Fleece socks are also recommended for those with circulation problems associated with diabetes and neuropathy.

Fleece socks are available in sizes for men, women and children. Fleece socks come in any combination of high-fashion colors, prints, and styles. Find mid-calf fleece socks; knee-high fleece socks; fuzzy fleece socks; fleece socks with a fitted heel; fleece socks with pompoms; elegant fleece socks; patriotic fleece socks; sporty fleece socks; fleece socks shaped with a left and right foot shape; ultra violet fleece socks; short fleece socks; bed fleece socks, animal fleece socks, neon fleece socks, trendy fleece socks, and more.

Durable fleece socks are easy to care for: Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low.

Finally, why not make your own fleece socks? Express your personal style with fun, creative, hand-made fleece socks. By making your own fleece socks you can customize each and every pair. Make fleece socks for the whole family! Make fleece socks with matching hats, gloves and scarves. Embroider fleece socks with your initials or name.

The Internet is an excellent resource for fleece sock patterns, as are books on crafting with fleece fabric. Try Green Pepper pattern #793, or Green Pepper pattern #504 ( for full directions on constructing fleece socks, or see the Hancock Fabrics website for a free fleece sock pattern at

Slip on a pair of warm, super soft and comfortable fleece socks, and your feet will thank you. Or, give a pair of fleece socks as a present and your family's or friend's feet will thank you. Step on out in style with your warm-feeling, yet oh so cool-looking fleece socks today!

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