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Fleece Scarves

This winter, don't let the cold tie you down: Tie on a soft fleece scarf and wrap yourself in the unbelievable warmth of fleece!

With the advent of fleece, you can now stop a cold breeze in its tracks by wearing a fleece scarf. Lightweight, yet warm and highly breathable, fleece fabric is ultra soft to the touch, continues to insulate even when wet, and dries quickly.

High performance fleece made with Polarfleece or Polartec fabric by Malden Mills are the gold standard for winter scarves today. And fleece scarves made with Polartec Wind Pro® lightweight fleece offer four times the wind protection of traditional fleece.

Fleece scarves come in all colors, patterns, themes and sizes. You can wrap yourself in style with a fringed fleece scarf, a men's, women's or children's fleece scarf, an embroidered fleece scarf, a personalized or monogrammed fleece scarf, a luxury reversible fleece scarf, a sporty fleece scarf or a fancy fleece scarf, and many more. A fleece scarf is sure to add warmth and style to any coat, sweater or jacket. Fleece scarves can be wrapped around your head and ears, or tied around your neck. Alternatively, try draping fleece scarves over your shoulders for a most fashionable look, or tying fleece scarves around your waist to make a sash that is sure to catch everyone's eye!

Wrap your brain around this next use of scarves made from fleece: Fleece scarves are great gift items and super stocking stuffers too. Why, you can even wrap a present with a fleece scarf for a touch of originality!

Plush, warm and guarantied to be super-soft, quality fleece scarves are ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, walking or running on cold winter days. You can purchase fleece scarves in sets, for example a scarf and headband set, or invest in the newest form of a fleece scarf, known as a neck gator (a cowl, ear warmer, snood and fleece scarf all in one).

Fleece scarves are easy to care for:

Machine-wash with like items in cool to lukewarm water.

Tumble dry on a low setting.

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners

Do not dry clean

Finally, making your own NO SEW fleece scarf is a cinch! Here's how:


Some fleece


Ruler (optional)

Basically, a fleece scarf is just a scarf-shaped rectangle of fleece. Decide how long and how wide you want your scarf (i.e. 7- by 60-inches). Lay out your fleece fabric and cut accordingly.

Remember: Fleece fabric is simple to work with, since you don't have to interface it, you don't have to line it, and you don't have to finish the edges. However, if you're good at sewing, you can do a blanket stitch all around the scarf edges, which looks awesome.

Now for the fun part: you can decorate your new fleece scarf any way you like!

Using scraps of fleece in contrasting colors, choose a motif or a design and cut the shapes you'll need to create it. For instance, you might try a night scene consisting of stars and a crescent moon, a snowman wearing a hat and other accessories, or flowers. The possibilities are endless! Then, using a needle and thread, attach the pieces with single stitches sewn by hand. For a fringed finale, make a series of 4-inch snips on the ends of your fleece scarf. Then tie an overhand knot at the top of each strip.

TIP: Be sure to buy quality fleece - it is worth every penny. It's thick, plush, warm, pill-resistant, often has a rain-proof coating, and comes in innumerable colors and patterns. Cheaper fleeces tend to shrink, don't last as long, and pill easily.

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