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Fleece Projects Series: Handmade Laptop Bag

If you have a laptop that you like or need to lug around with you, you are going to love this simple computer bag pattern. Fleece is a good material for your handmade laptop bag because it is soft and gentle against your computer, protecting it from scratches and other damages. The extra frills can be in any material you want, since they go on the outside of the bag. So create your own one of a kind handmade laptop bag with personality and flair that tells everyone what you are all about.

  • Cut two rectangular pieces of fleece, measuring approximately fifteen inches by seventeen inches (Note: If you have a wide screen or larger size laptop, adjust this computer bag pattern to fit your computer's measurements.) Rectangles are the panels of your computer bag pattern. From a complementary color, cut another strip of fleece about fifteen inches by five inches. Alternatively, you can make the bag from a solid color and choose a pattern piece that has the same color scheme for the strip.
  • Hold your two panels so that the long sides are running up and down and the shorter sides from left to right. Find the center of the top edge, and measure one and a half inches down. Draw a thick line about five inches long at this mark.
  • What you are going to do at this point is sew a tight zigzag stitch all around the line to secure the hole (that you will be cutting out in the next step). So, you can either measure or eyeball about ¼" all around the thick line, and sew your zigzag stitch here.
  • Now carefully cut out the line to create your handle holes for your bag. Repeat for second rectangular side.
  • Cut one and a half inch squares from bottom corners of each panel.
  • With the right sides facing each other, sew the two panels together, sewing down both long sides, and the short side with the squares cut out of it.
  • To make the bottom of your handmade laptop bag, you need to join the side seams to the bottom seam and sew tightly, forming a stiff corner on each side of the bag.
  • Turn your bag right side out and now you can sew on or attach embellishments. The smaller strip of fleece you cut previously can go at the far bottom, in the center, diagonally across or anywhere you like. You can also add more embellishments to your lovely handmade laptop bag. Decorative ribbon, fleece flowers, appliqués, buttons, and other miscellaneous crafting supplies can really enhance this simple computer bag pattern.
  • For an easy closing mechanism, you can sew a drawstring into the inside upper edge. Sew down about an inch all around the inner edge. Cut a small slit, and run your cord all the way through (you may want to attach a safety pin to the end you are pushing through for easier maneuvering). Pull cord so both ends are even and attach the drawstring stopper. This is not a necessary step, but it does make an adorable addition and offers better protection for your computer.

Whether you are the cool kid on the block or an adult who just doesn't feel like towing the line and buying the standard leather computer case, you are going to love this handmade laptop bag. The best part is you can personalize it so that your bag is totally unique. Choose your own color scheme, embellishments, stitching and size and alter the computer bag pattern to fit your needs and style. It's cool, it's versatile; it's a creative craft for keeping your computer safe.

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