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Now that this fabulous fabric has hit the market, there is no end to the list of fast and fun fleece projects to keep you busy, rain or shine! For your sewing and crafting delight, no other fabric can compare with fleece. Warm and cozy, fleece fabric is easy to sew and to work with. Ideal for the novice sewer, and perfect for any craft lover, many fleece projects are "no sew" projects that are quick and rewarding. Here are some great fleece project ideas and some basic fleece fabric information to get you started!

Today's fleece fabric is a high-tech material that is uniquely soft to the touch. In comparison to its weight, fleece offers tremendous warmth, making it a top choice in the field of fabrics. Fleece wicks moisture away from the body so that it feels dry, even when soaking wet. Fleece fabric is strong, hard to puncture or tear and doesn't pill. It also doesn't ravel, so there is no need to finish the raw edges of seam allowances or hem allowances when sewing with fleece fabric. If you are using high quality fleece fabric made by Malden Mills, there is no need to pre-wash the fleece because the fabric won't shrink and the colors won't bleed. Having reached the top of the fashion charts, fleece fabric is now available in high-fashion colors and textures and in a multitude of patterns and designs.

Now, these popular fleece projects:

Fleece Project #1: Fleece blankets: This project is easy because it involves no sewing! Simply buy your fleece in the length you desire for your blanket. Leave the edges straight or finish using pinking shears or sew around the edges using a blanket stitch with contrasting or variegated thread. You're done! For another fun project, you can decorate your fleece blanket with other pieces of fleece fabric. Make this popular fleece project for the whole family, even for your pet!

Fleece Project #2: Fleece scarves: Another no-sew fleece project, easy to make, and a breeze to wear! Simply cut strips of fleece fabric the width and length that you desire for your scarf. At each end, cut fringes 4" deep. Decorate and adorn with your favorite pattern or design made from other pieces of contrasting or coordinating fleece fabric, and presto - another quick and easy fleece project complete! TIP: Fleece scarves make a great gift, or for a creative touch, wrap your next present by tying it up with a bought or homemade fleece scarf.

Fleece Project #3: Fleece car organizer: Keep your travel essentials close at hand with a fleece car organizer featuring pockets for everything from maps to toys

Fleece Project #4: Quillow: A quilt/pillow combination - the quilt folds into a pocket on the back of the quilt to make a pillow. Other Fleece Project Ideas

Fleece fabric is ideal to add garnish and trim to your favorite garments! Fleece can easily be folded, shifted and stitched into a number of fashionable forms, and its non-raveling properties make it even more appealing. Here are some fleece projects to help add warmth and style to your wardrobe today:

For an effect that is out of this world, pretty flower accents add a 3-dimensional element to a fleece garment. Their plush look begs to be touched, whether the flower is accenting a neckline, enhancing a hat, sweetening a sweatshirt or patching a pant. To make fleece rosettes, cut a strip of fleece approximately 15 inches long by 2 inches wide. Run a gathering stitch through one long edge of the strip. Draw up the gathering stitches, allowing the flower to take shape as you roll the gathered strip. Adjust the gathers and fullness of the flower, then hand-stitch through the gathered end to secure the arrangement of the flower. Be sure to anchor both the inner and outer short ends of the flower with the hand stitching.

For another fleece project, add class to your comfortable fleece with this designer detail. Called "ruching", but better know as pleating, strips of fleece are gathered in a repeated pattern. Then as the gathering thread is drawn through, uniform scallops or ruffles are formed. This popular fleece project is perfect for adding a decidedly feminine look to your favorite fleece item.

Don't throw your fleece scraps to waste! Fleece fabric leftovers are ideal material to fashion your next fleece project! You can have a lot of fun with these fabrics, sewing pieces together to make new fabrics, craftly using them to make creative designs, gathering them for a quilt, or saving fleece fabric scraps to stuff toys. Pets love to play with strips of fleece tied in knots, and children love fleece fabric pieces for fleece project crafts and simple-sewing fleece projects.

Searching for patterns for a fleece project? Look for patterns that call for Polar Fleece fabrics, or use patterns from Kwik Sew Pattern Company and Great Copy Patterns. Also recommended are the following fleece sewing books to assist you in your quest for a fun fleece project:

Adventures with Polarfleece© A Sewing Expedition, and More Adventures with Polarfleece©, (Krause Publications, 1997) by Nancy Cornwell. Collections of many fleece projects, including fleece project illustrations and instructions, and "finishing touches" fleece project ideas.

Fleece in a Flash by Nancy Zieman. Includes complete instructions for eleven quick and easy polar fleece projects.

Sewing Outdoor Gear: Easy Techniques That Really Work and Sew the New Fleece by Rochelle Harper (Taunton Press, 2001 and 1997).

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