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Fleece Ponchos

When the temperatures start to tumble, cover-up in this season's stylish solution to staying warm: Fleece ponchos. No zips, no buttons, easy on, easy off. Hipper than a sweater, cuter than a coat, and ever so warm, fleece ponchos are your cool weather way to go!

Yes, the Seventies fashion is back in. A versatile substitute for a sweater or a jacket, fleece ponchos can look cool and hip, or classy and elegant. For day or evening, add flair to your outfit by throwing on a fleece poncho.

Made from 100% polyester high-quality fleece fabric, fleece ponchos won't pill after washing, are soft to the touch, and their unparalleled lightweight warmth make fleece ponchos a fun favorite. Fleece ponchos are easy to care for: Machine wash on warm water, and tumble dry on low.

Parents will appreciate that a fleece poncho, unlike a blanket, can't be kicked off so parents won't be constantly re-tucking a wriggly baby. Add the convenience of not wrestling with their children's jacket arms for a quicker exit to the great outdoors! And fleece ponchos can be easily tucked under car seats and stroller straps. Older children will love the wide selection of playful fleece poncho designs, and the freedom of movement they can't get with a bulky coat.

And talk about fashion meeting function. Fleece ponchos have also been dubbed the "winter wheelchair poncho". People in wheelchairs who wish to keep their hands warm and dry while steering their power chair through all kinds of weather will appreciate this handy garment. Maximizing the combination of protection and ease-of use, fleece ponchos are sleeveless and slip effortlessly over the head. Made from fleece fabric that is napped on both sides for extra warmth, many fleece ponchos are also rain-resistant. The front is cut long enough to keep toes warm, while the back is hip length for wheelchair comfort. Chilly hands can be warmed in kangaroo pockets, and feet can be tucked into a large bottom "pouch" for cozy comfort. Finally, an extra-high fleece poncho collar adds protection from the cold, wet, and wind on winter, spring and fall days or on cool summer nights.

The length of a fleece poncho depends on your height, and on your preference. Some like their fleece ponchos to be ankle length, while some like a hipper, hip-length look. To keep your tot and yourself on-trend, fleece ponchos come in a dizzying array of colors and eye-catching patterns. Find fleece ponchos in solid colors bright or elegantly soft. Find fleece ponchos from zebra to floral, Hawaiian to plaid, dinosaurs and stars to all trimmed in playful pom-poms or funky fringe. To add a touch of class and couture, fleece ponchos can be enhanced with an embroidered monogram, or personalized with a one-of-a-kind emblem.

Let fleece fabric perform double duty by turning your fleece throw into a fleece poncho! For adults, use the whole throw. You can get extra versatility with either a horizontal or vertical neck opening, and for another great look, try adding a belt to your ankle length fleece poncho. Fleece ponchos can add a punch to your outfit for a more dressed-up look, or wear fleece ponchos for fall football games and baseball games, and in the summer when it gets chilly in the evening. Wear fleece ponchos around the house too and turn down the thermostat to save money on your heating bill.

One of the characteristics of fleece is that it won't ravel so you don't have to finish the edges, making fleece sewing projects a breeze! Very easily, you can make your own fleece poncho. While some fleece poncho patterns consist of merely a square piece of fabric with a hole in the middle, other patterns call for 2 rectangle pieces of fleece fabric and some simple cutting and sewing. The Internet is full of free fleece poncho patterns for your convenience, or to purchase poncho patterns, check out:

So, for a care-free look that's warm and stylish, enjoy the freedom of throwing on a fashionable fleece poncho on your way out today!

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