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Fleece Pillows

Fleece pillows are fun to make and cozy to have around. Position a homemade fleece pillow on your couch, bed or favorite comfy chair for added enjoyment during leisure time. Here are a couple of fun pattern ideas to help you make your own fleece pillow. Really, once you have the basis, you can decorate your pillows with any pattern you like. Fleece pillows can be made from scratch, complete with case and stuffing, or you can make your own fleece pillow case to cover an existing pillow. Either way, fleece pillows are soft and lots of fun so let's get started.

Woven Fleece Pillow

Measure the size of your pillow or decide the desired finished size. Let's work with a 14" finished product.

What you'll need:

Two 16"x16" pieces of fleece in one color (let's say blue)

One 16"x16" piece of fleece in another color (let's say brown)

Matching thread

Cut 2" strips from one of the blue pieces and one of the brown pieces. You should have 8 pieces of each color.

Arrange the strips so you have the eight blue pieces running vertically and the eight brown pieces running horizontally.

Weave the pieces together, taking one brown strip and going under one blue strip, over the next, under one over the next until you've reached the end of the eight strips. Do this with each of the eight brown strips. Keep the weaves as tight as possible to avoid awkward spacing and gaps.

Baste stitch this woven section and leave 1/4-inch seam.

Lay the second piece of blue fleece on top of the woven panel, and sew three of the four sides together, leaving a small seam allowance.

Turn the pillow right side out and either insert pillow or stuff with batting, fleece scraps etc.

Sew last side closed. Alternatively, you can sew a zipper onto the last side before you invert and stuff or a removable fleece pillow cover.

No Sew Knot Ties Fleece Pillow

You can use the same idea we employed when making our fleece blankets to create an easy no sew fleece pillow.

Cut two pieces of fleece, desired color, pattern, and size.

Lay both pieces on top of each other and cut out a four-inch square from each corner (cutting through both pieces of fabric).

Cut fringes along all four sides, measuring approximately one inch wide and three inches long.

Match up the bottom and top fringe and begin tying knots with each pair of fringes until you've tied three sides together. Make sure to tie the knots tightly.

Now's the time to stuff or insert your pillow form.

Close up the final side by tying pairs of fringes into knots as before.

For a fun twist, tie every other pair of fringes. When you've finished, flip the pillow onto its back and tie the alternating pairs.

Sew together two pieces of fleece and embellish with appliques, crochet, miniature details, buttons or anything else your heart desires. When you make your own fleece pillow you can really get creative and get cozy!

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