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Fleece Panels

Fleece panels are large pieces of fleece fabric that can be finished to make fleece throws, fleece blankets, and many more fleece panel projects. Warm, soft and cozy, fleece panels are simple to sew and easy to work with!

Fleece panels vary in size from 48 inches x 60 inches to 60 inches x 72 inches. Made of 100% polyester, fleece panels are completely machine-washable. Here is how to care for fleece panels:

Machine wash on warm

Tumble dry on low; Remove promptly

Do not use bleach

Do not iron

Fleece panels may be sold in 4 panel bolts, in 6 panel bolts, etc. Fleece panels are measured in inches or in yards. Large, 72-inch fleece panels are great not only for throws and blankets, but they make great wall hangings and terrific presents too!

To finish fleece panels, simply serge the edges, turn under and sew. For a fancy look, use pinking shears to finish the edges. Or, for a warm, fringed effect, cut the edges in 1'' stripes, then tie a solid color backing to the panel.

Today, fleece panels are available in a multitude of colors, patterns, designs and themes. There are fleece panels for sports fans, music lovers, science and space dreamers as well as movie-goers. There are Disney, Sesame Street, Warner Bros., Nascar and Star Wars fleece panels. There are fleece panels for animal lovers, western print fleece panels, trains, planes and automobile fleece panels, teddy bear fleece panels, holiday fleece panels, college fleece panels and many, many more.

"No-sew" blankets are usually just panels of fleece fabric. Fleece fabric is ideal for the novice sewer because it doesn't need to be hemmed, and it doesn't unravel or fray. Most fleece that's marketed as "no-sew blankets" are pre-printed, pre-cut fleece panels in a variety of designs (flowers, Scooby Doo, stars and shapes, unicorn, etc.), but you can certainly use sections of plain or patterned fleece off the roll too, if you want different sizes.

To make a fleece blanket, throw or wall hanging from fleece panels, no pattern is needed as such. You simply select a square or rectangle fleece panel of the size you want, and finish the edges. Of course, there are lots of ideas for fancy edging finishes of your fleece panels that you can easily do. Ask your fabric store if they have any free handouts that give ideas of what you can do with fleece fabric, or browse through books on fleece fabric crafts. Better yet, use your imagination and creativity to finish and personalize your fleece panels today!

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