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Fleece Jackets

This season, don't be left out in the cold: Join the masses staying warm wearing their amazing fleece jackets! Made from 100% polyester, fleece jackets are today's reference standard for lightweight warmth, unparalleled quality and durability. Even when wet, fleece jackets maintain their insulating properties, and their fabric never pills, even after repeated washings. Fleece is twice as warm as wool and will protect to 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit!

Here are some of the highlights of fleece jackets:

Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics

Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities; does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor

Dries quickly, minimizing heat loss

Machine washable and Durable

Appropriate for a broad range of activities

Available in light, mid, and heavy weight constructions to provide a choice of insulation level; Available in water repellent, wind resistant and other constructions

In selecting clothing for cold and extreme weather, dressing should follow the "layer principle" in which clothing layers are built up, each with a different function. This allows you to be comfortable in a variety of conditions. A three-layer system is most typical:

1. First start with a "wicking" layer, to move moisture away from the body to prevent chilling. This layer goes directly against the skin. Fleece fabric is a good example.

2. Next is the insulating layer to hold body heat and keep moisture moving away from the body. Once again, fleece fabric hits the mark.

3. Top it all off with a weatherproof layer to protect you from wind and rain. Ideally it should "breath," allowing moisture from inside to escape while keeping rain from getting in. Can you guess? Fleece fabric is a top choice!

Fleece jackets are so versatile that they can be used to fill all three layering needs!! Available in lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight fabric constructions, fleece jackets are your ultimate weather weapon. And fleece jackets are not only practical, they are incredibly comfortable, soft and good-looking too.

Wear your fleece jacket year-round for walking, jogging, mountaineering, backpacking, trekking, camping, and more. Your 200-weight fleece jacket can be worn under an outer shell for an extra layer of warmth in cold conditions, or by itself in milder temperatures. Use your 100-weight fleece jacket as a core-insulating layer over light or mid-weight underwear. On chillier days, don your heavyweight fleece jacket that is made of 300-weight fleece fabric, or look for Polartec® Thermal Pro high-loft fleece for super warmth. For activities requiring a broad range of movement, look for fleece jackets with features such as Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric; and for the best protection against blustery, windy days, invest in a Polartec® WindPro® fleece jacket that is four times more wind resistant than traditional fleece.

Finally, just because you are wearing fleece does NOT mean you have to give up on fashion! In fact, high-fashion fleece is on the rise! Fleece jackets are now available in the gamut of solid colors, in scores of fleece fabric prints and patterns, and in an array of eye-catching styles.

Find fleece jackets with zippers, with full-front zippers, with flaps, and with draw-cords. Fleece jackets with hand pockets, vertical and horizontal pockets, chest pockets, and hidden pockets. Fleece jackets with elasticized cuffs, armholes and hems. Fleece jackets with finished cuffs. Double-thick stand-up collar fleece jackets. Logo'd fleece jackets. Less bulky fleece jackets for women for a more contoured fit. Matching mother & daughter fleece jackets. Sports team fleece jackets. Hooded fleece jackets. Men, women, children and toddler fleece jackets. Dog fleece jackets. Snazzy fleece jackets. Classic fleece jackets. Classy fleece jackets.

If you have a fancy for fashion, find a fleece jacket that's perfect for you today! As Oprah says: "Nothing's better than fleece for knocking around on a chilly morning".

Finally, for your sewer's delight, try sewing your own fashion fleece jacket with the help of one of these fleece jacket patterns: Kwik-Sew Pattern #2825; Kwik-Sew Pattern #2531

Stay warm. Feel cool. Look Hot. Get your fleece jacket today.

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