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Fleece Headbands

Don't fret your brow this winter: Protect it with a soft, super warm fleece headband!

When Mother Nature sends wind and winter your way, use your head and dress properly. Always keep your extremities covered: head, hands and feet. In addition to the traditional hat, scarf and gloves, a fleece headband is the perfect way to top off your cold weather attire!

Fleece headbands are the gold standard when it comes to protecting your forehead and ears from the cold. Made from almost 100% polyester, fleece fabric is lightweight yet unbelievably warm, insulates even when wet, and dries quickly. Fleece headbands are also simple to care for: Just machine wash with cold to warm water and tumble dry on a low setting. Do not use bleach and do not dry clean.

Many fleece headbands are made from a double layer of warm fleece fabric and are wide at the sides, ensuring good ear coverage. You can find fleece headbands in the entire array of solid colors and in scores of prints, logos and patterns.

Fleece headbands are a great gift item and a perfect stocking-stuffer. They are a college student favorite, a sports' team "must have" accessory, and a cool fashion statement for all ages. Buy a fleece headband for a present and you will warm not only the ears but the heart of any recipient!

To size a fleece headband, follow these guidelines:

Most adults will wear the medium size.

Most children will wear the small size.

Those with larger heads should order the large size

Note: Headbands are generally unisex, appropriate for men and for women.

While those with their head on straight may look to a fleece headband for practicality, why not mix sensibility with style for those who are more fashion conscious? Besides selecting fleece headbands to mix and match with your favorite outfits, you can distinguish your fleece headband by adding sequins, buttons or beads, embroidering names and initials, or personalizing your headband in any number of creative ways! And with the advent of headbands made from fleece, you don't need to compromise on comfort to be in style.

So, for the perfect look, the perfect fit, the perfect gift, and the perfect winter accessory, invest in a fleece headband today!

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