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Fleece Hat Patterns

Fleece hats are all the rage, and so cozy, you won't ever want to take them off. Here are some adorable and comfy fleece hat patterns.

Free fleece hat pattern #1:

This is a cute little winter hat with a pompom on top and a nice border around the bottom edge. You'll need two strips of one color and one strip of another.

  1. Measure and cut the following: one strip of white fleece 23 " x 3 ", one strip of white fleece 23 "x 9 ", and one strip of black fleece 23 "x9 ". You can use any colors you want, I just chose black and white for simplicity.
  2. Sew the small strip of white on top of the strip of black, with both of the wrong sides facing up.
  3. Sew the larger strip of white on bottom of the black, but have the right side facing up.
  4. Sew the seam closed along the length and turn right side out.
  5. Fold half of the larger white strip up and sew down the top edge to seal it closed.
  6. Gather the small strip of white and tie at the base with a cord or thread. Trim so you cannot see the thread.
  7. Cut " wide fringes from the small white strip to create your pompom. You'll love making this sweet fleece hat pattern almost as much as wearing it.

Free fleece hat pattern #2:

Feeling cultured today? Then slip on this adorable fleece beret.

  1. Measure and cut out two circles thirteen and a half inches in diameter.
  2. From one circle, cut out a 5 3/8" diameter circle from its center.
  3. Cut one strip of fleece 24"x3 ".
  4. Sew together your two circles with the right sides facing each other, leaving a seam of 5/8". Sew these same circles again about " inside the first seam you made. Trim close to the second seam.
  5. Next, fold the strip of fleece in half lengthwise with the wrong sides facing each other, and sew the ends together. trim close to seam.
  6. Sew this strip to the inner circle of the brim, right sides together, and then sew it again " inside that first seam.
  7. Finally, trim and turn right side out. Get ready for some compliments on this sophisticated fleece hat pattern.

Free fleece hat pattern #3:

One more for the road, here's a super simple fleece hat pattern.

  1. Measure the circumference of your head. An average adult hat will be 13" and an average child hat about ten.
  2. Fold the panel of fleece so the right sides are facing each other and sew the long ends together so you form a tube. Trim as close to the seam as possible.
  3. If you want a cuff for your hat, fold approximately three inches inside the tube and fold about " of that down inside the cuff. Sew a hem right up to the turned in edge.
  4. Sew along the top edge of the hat and trim hem close.
  5. Turn your hat right side out and grab both top corners of the hat. Sew these together so the corners meet and pull down into the center of the hat.
  6. Alternatively, you can pinch either corner and tie a heavy thread around each one to make little ears. This is very cute for small children.

Hope you enjoy making and wearing all these free fleece hat patterns, and join us next time for more great fleece projects.

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