Stitch n Save: Fleece Guide

Fleece Fun for Fido

Fleece is fun for everyone, even the family pet! Find out how to make a fleece chew toy or treat pouch. Make fleece play toys and pet accessories with these easy and free pet projects, and your little friend will be wagging his tail all the way home.

Fleece Pompoms

What you'll need: Cardboard, fleece, scissors

This is really simple and adorable. The beauty of this project is that nothing has to be exact and the more haphazard, the better!

1. Cut long strips of fleece 1" thick. These can be cut from a large piece of fleece or scraps that you have laying around.

2. Next, wrap these pieces, one at a time around a piece of stiff cardboard. When you finish wrapping one strip, start the second one where you left off. Cover the cardboard, leaving a small amount of the board uncovered at either end (1/4" or so). When you've done all your strips (anywhere from 3-8 is usual), slide the whole bulk off the cardboard gently.

3. Take one more piece of fleece, stretch it to its limit, and tie around the center of the bulk. (Alternatively, this can be placed on the cardboard horizontally across before you wrap the strips around. Once all the strips have been wrapped and removed from the cardboard, tie this small piece of string into a knot around the bulk.)

4. Now comes the scissors. Trim the tied piece so the ends are barely visible. Cut open both ends of the group so that the strands fall down and create a fluffy pompom for you to enjoy. For cats, you may enjoy tying a long piece of string or a bell to the pompom so you can play along with your furry friends. Try a multi-colored ball for loads of fun and frenzy.

Pet sleeve

What you'll need: Fleece, pins, strong sewing thread, snap/hook and eye/Velcro

1. Measure your pet from head to bottom, add 4 or 5 inches and double. This will tell you how much fleece you need.

2. Keeping the right sides together, fold fleece in half lengthwise. Now's when you'll want to trim it down if you see that it's too long or wide for you pet.

3. Pin up two out of three sides, leaving one of the short sides open. Sew along the seams (use a straight stitch on your machine if you have one), leaving a small seam. If you'd like to finish the top, fold out the edge and sew down the hem.

4. Turn right side in, and you're done!

Chew toys

What you'll need: Strips of fleece (multiple patterns makes more fun), plastic ring (opt.)

1. Cut or tear 3,4 or 6 strips of fleece 12"x43" (for chunkier ropes) or 3"x60" (for thinner chains).

2. Tie a big knot about 2" or 3" from the end of the strips, and braid your strips together.

3. Make another big knot with all the strips again about two or three inches from the other end.

4. Cut or tear ends to make fringes. (Optional: Tie the strands to a plastic ring before you start braiding. This is good for a cat toy, as you can play along too!)

Treat pouch

What you'll need:

Long strip of fabric (8 1/2"x11), hot glue gun (optional), Velcro etc., other scraps of fleece

1. Lay the fleece on the surface in front of you with the wrong side up. Take the bottom edge and fold it over one third of the way up.

2. Pin and sew the two vertical edges you've just created using a decorative stitch or zigzag. (Alternatively, you can do this in reverse, putting the right side up, folding up, stitching and then turning it right side out.)

3. Next attach the Velcro tabs to the top flap and the piece you folded up originally.

4. Finally, decorate your treat pouch with scraps of fleece glued/sewed to the front, ribbon, felt markers, you name it. Stencil in your pet's name for a personalized pouch, or glue the letters T-R-E-A-T-S on the front.

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