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Fleece Dog Coats

Don't leave your canine companion out in the cold this season - invest in a fleece dog coat and keep your dog dry and warm. Whether you are hiking, backpacking, hunting or just walking, fleece dog coats are the ideal apparel for your active four-legged friend. While dogs look well protected in their natural fur coats, many people don't realize that dogs can also benefit from protective outerwear. There are times when the cold weather penetrates even the thickest of dog coats. Left unprotected from inclement elements, dogs may suffer body heat loss at an accelerated rate. So, as you prepare your pooch for your next outdoor adventure, consider venturing into the world of fleece dog coats!

How sensitive to the elements dogs are depends on the weather conditions, on the amount of time they spend outdoors, and on the type of fur coat they have. Shorthaired breeds tend to be more sensitive to direct rain and cold, while thick-haired breeds are more prone to absorb a lot of water. Some dog breeds, even though large, are indoor pets. Slender greyhounds, for example, have especially thin coats and a lack of body fat that makes temperature extremes intolerable (except for brief outings). The dog coat you choose must be designed to keep your dog warm and amply covered while providing protection from wind and rain. Nothing fits the bill better than functional, fashionable fleece dog coats!

Fleece dog coats, made with 100% polyester, are available in a range of thickness. Some fleece dog coats combine a warm fleece lining and a durable nylon shell to provide maximum protection and help maintain your dog's core body temperature. When outfitting your pet for a fleece dog coat, be sure that the fleece dog coat allows your dog to enjoy a full range of motion. For example, be sure the fleece dog coat leg openings do not restrict your dog's movement. Many dogs prefer two-legged fleece dog coats since they are easy to put on and to take off. They also give the dog more freedom of movement. If you choose a fleece dog coat that covers the underside of your dog, make sure that it's designed to give your dog enough room to do his or her business.

Today, fleece dog coats feature finer features such as fleece dog coats with a built in reflective safety strip. These reflective trims make your dog more visible when the sky grows dark and are an important safety consideration for any outdoors pet.

A good fit is essential when purchasing fleece dog coats. Fleece dog coats must fit so that they remain securely in place throughout an active day. Before you invest in a fleece dog jacket or coat, accurately measure your pet. Since different manufacturers of dog apparel may require different measurements, check the size guidelines before picking a particular fleece dog coat style.

In general, in order to size your furry friend, you need to obtain the following 2 measurements:

For the "top line" or "length", measure along your dog's backbone from the base of his neck (where his collar would rest) to the base of his tail (where it is attached). Your dog should be standing square, not sitting or slouching.

For your dog's "girth", measure your pet's chest at its widest point, which is usually right behind the front legs. If your dog is stouter, has a thick coat, broader chest, wider underside or is at the maximum for the size chart you may want to go up to the next larger size fleece dog coat for a looser fit.

As you dress for the cold in your fashionable fleece gear, outfit your dog in style too! Fleece dog coats are available in an array of cool colors and patterns, in many handsome designs, and with clever features for easy wear and comfort. Find fleece dog jackets and coats with a collar-to-tail zipper closure along the back for easy putting on and taking off; fleece dog coats with Velcro closures; fleece dog coats with wide bands of Velcro at the neck and belly to ensure a proper fit; fleece dog coats with double bands of Velcro at the belly for medium, large and extra large sizes; fleece dog coats with reflective strips; fleece dog coats with matching scarves; fleece dog coats with pompoms; designer fleece dog coats; casual fleece dog coats; sparkly fleece dog coats with sequins; fleece dog coats especially made for miniature and small dogs; fleece dog coats with or without a collar; reversible fleece dog coats; plaid fleece dog coats; clearance fleece dog coats; hand-crafted fleece dog coats; special occasion fleece dog coats; fleece dog coats with pockets; fleece dog coats for hunting; waterproof fleece dog coats; trendy fleece dog coats; luxury fur-collar fleece dog coats; turndown collar fleece dog coats; hooded fleece dog coats; removable hood fleece dog coats; leather trim fleece dog coats; embroidered fleece dog coats, and more.

You can even make your own fleece dog coat! Purchase a fleece dog coat pattern (a two-legged pattern has fewer seams to sew) or trace your pet's existing outfit on paper. Then just cut the fleece pieces to size. Sew the belly and front leg seams by hand with a simple "over-the-edge" stitch. If you use fairly small stitches and a thread in a fabric matching color, the fluffiness of the fleece hides the stitches very well. Since fleece fabric does not ravel or fray, there is no need to finish the edges (sleeves, waist, neck), although you can cut the fabric with pinking shears for a more decorative edge. You can make a collar for your homemade fleece dog coat by simply rolling the fabric down, or sew the collar down with a few stitches so that it doesn't unroll (no need for a separate collar piece).

So, when it comes to dressing your pooch for the cold, make your dog a breed apart by dressing him or her in a fashionable, functional fleece dog coat today!

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