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Fleece Diaper Covers & Liner Patterns

A fleece diaper cover is a sweet overlay for generic or standard clothe diapers, and they are so simple to make. Cloth diapers are the environmentally friendly way to go when diapering a baby. Nature's best brown or white spun cotton can be less than an appealing apparel item, though. Fleece diaper covers offer variety and flavor to your already great cloth diapers. In addition, fleece diaper covers act as an additional protective layer to help avoid messes from escaping. Here are a few simple fleece diaper cover pattern that you can make out of new material or old fleece items you may have around the house.

Easy fleece diaper cover pattern:

Preemie..... 10 inches (26cm) triangle

Newborn.... 12 inches (31cm) triangle

Medium..... 16 inches (41cm) triangle

Toddler.... 20 inches (51cm) triangle

Super...... (61cm) triangle

Note: Sizes are approximate for the age and size range. Cut a triangle measuring your size range. Holding the flat side of the triangle on top, bring the bottom tip up and sew to the top flat side. Bring left and right sides to center of top flat side and sew down securely. Attach elastic bands to leg holes and waistband. This fleece diaper cover is the ultimate recycling experience!

Medium fleece diaper cover pattern:

Trace and cut the diaper cover pattern out of your fleece print. You can use any type of pull up or diaper as a pattern piece. Add about an inch or so all around for your diaper cover. What you have is something like a sharp hourglass. Fold the fleece in half so the top and bottom edge meet and are laying on top of one another. Sew down the left and right seams, stopping when you get to the circular leg holes. Trim material as close to the seam as possible. Cut a piece of elastic about " shorter than your baby's thigh measurement and sew it closed into a circle. Lay the elastic on the leg hole, wrap about an inch of material around the elastic, and sew down. Repeat for other leg hole. The material should bunch up a bit under the pull of the elastic. Now cut a piece of elastic about " smaller than your baby's waist measurement and sew closed. Sew into the upper band of the fleece diaper cover. Trim all edges, and turn right side in for your new cozy fleece diaper cover.

Fleece diaper liner:

You can also make fleece diaper liners for added absorbency. Just cut out a rectangle that is about four inches by eight or ten inches (this will vary depending on diaper size), and you are done. You can make multiple layers of this fleece diaper liner by folding the fleece once or twice and sewing down the seams. You can add a double-adhesive Velcro strip to the back to secure the fleece diaper liner into the diaper, but this is not necessary.

Go ahead and try out some of these easy fleece diaper cover and liner patterns. Not only will you get a cute and protective diaper for your baby, but you can also feel good knowing you are doing your part in keeping this world a beautiful place for you and your kids.

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