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Fleece Costumes: Cozy, Creepy & Crafty

Fleece costumes are as natural as wind blown dandelion. Because of its non-porous nature, fleece makes an ideal material for children's and adult homemade costumes. The light-weight highly breathable material is easy to wear for long periods of time (without suffocating or perspiring to death), and the wicking ability is great for parties to ensure that accidental spills and slips don't become sloppy stains and hard to clean spots. A fleece costume is well insulated, and will keep your child warm and cozy while out and about. Here are some great fleece costume ideas.

- Full body fleece costumes: This can include your favorite TV character. Looney toons, Disney, and Star Wars characters are common and can be easily duplicated using some fleece and a hot glue gun or sewing machine/needle. Animals also make lovable homemade costumes. Monkeys, giraffes, bears and frogs, each fleece costume will be a hit among families and friends. Lions are sweet homemade costumes that you can make to use up those fleece scraps. A mane comes out wild and crazy with long strips of discarded fleece. Wear yellow pants and a yellow shirt, cut out a large white circle of fleece and attach to your belly, and, of course, craft a long lion tail to complete this charming fleece costume. You can add fuzzy fleece ears using Velcro too. paint whiskers using a mascara wand or eye brow pencil, and color in a nose with the same tool. The above-mentioned method can be used to make any animal or character fleece costume.

- Masks: Masks are easy to cut out of fleece, and aren't harsh against the delicate facial skin. Make a base mask and add fleece embellishments and details to create a more realistic costume.

- Capes or removable accessories: Capes are a 1-2-3 process, and accessory items always add loads to a fleece costume. Make bags, belts, vests, and headgear to enhance all your homemade costumes. Flower petals, peasant collars, scales (for a dinosaur, for example) and other such accessories can be attached using Velcro, as well.

- You can also cut out two pieces of nearly any shape, sew two straps to each side of the shape (attaching one piece to the other), and slide it right on a solid color shirt and pants. This is an easy costume that is cute and comes out looking realistic. For example, to dress up as strawberry (this makes an ADORABLE baby costume), cut out two strawberry shapes from red fleece. Attach a green bit on top of the front piece if you wish. Now sew on two straps of elastic on each side of both pieces so that the straps are connecting the two strawberry shapes. Add little details like seeds with marker or small crafts. Dress yourself or your baby in green or black pants and shirt and slide the strawberry form over your head. This is simple and absolutely edible!

- Zorro is an easy costume. Simply cut out a mask and cape from fleece, dress in black pants and shirt, and acquire a sword from…somewhere. You can make one out of poster board and tin foil or metallic paper.

These are just a few fleece costume ideas to get you started. Once you let the imagination get going, you'll see how many creative brainstorms you have hidden up there. Before long, your homemade costumes will be the talk of the town.

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