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Fleece Body Pillow

My fleece body pillow pattern requires a bit of an introduction. Back when I was a young crafter, yet unaware of the myriad materials and crafts there were yet to discover, I stumbled upon fleece. It was a unique experience and I loved it from the start. Since then, I've developed my crafting skills and moved on to more complicated projects and ideas. My very first fleece project, though, will never be forgotten. I made a fleece body pillow for a friend who was going away to college. Desperate to have something of one another to hold on to, I crafted my first fleece body pillow. It was a full-length pillow from chin to knee, about five feet in total. I sewed the whole thing by hand. It took me two weeks, and boy was I proud of myself.

Looking back now, I can't help thinking "Man, if only I had had a sewing machine!" Life would have been simpler, but then, where would all the fun be? So, with a hint of nostalgia, I hand over to you my original fleece body pillow pattern. I hope you make many lovely fleece body pillows for all your friends and family to enjoy.

  1. First take your measurements to decide how long, wide and deep you want your body pillow to be. Be sure to leave some seam allowances. Cut two identical pieces of your fleece according to the predetermined measurements.
  2. Lay both pieces of fleece, right sides facing each other, on top of each other and sew up the two long sides and one short side.
  3. Turn your fleece right side out, and stuff using batting, combed cotton, bead balls or any other fluffy stuffing.
  4. Sew up the final side by hand or machine. Alternatively, you can sew a zipper into this opening so that you can easily refill your body pillow as necessary.
  5. When I made my original fleece body pillow, I also made an extra pillowcase. If you choose to do this, you do not have to bother with starting off with your fleece inside out and flipping it since no one will see the seams anyway.
  6. You can make a simple pillowcase by just sewing up three out of four sides, turning right side out, and slipping in your body pillow, but here is a fancy pillowcase you might want to use for gifts. Add an extra eight to ten inches to your total length of material. Lay down both pieces on top of each other with the right side facing each other. Fold the additional length (eight to ten inches) back down on top of the pile of fleeces (so you kind of have three pieces of material in a stack, even though it's really only two pieces with one folded over).
  7. What you are going to do now is sew the two small hems. One hem will be on the additional flap that you have folded over and the over hem will be on the other piece of fleece. Fold about two inches under your additional flap and sew across the bottom edge to form the hem. For the other piece of fleece, fold two inches over and sew across.
  8. Next we are going to sew all three of these pieces together. so, starting from the folded over edge, start sewing down either long side of the length of fleece. For the first two or three inches, you will only have two layers being sewn (the flap and the attached piece of fleece). For the next four or five inches, you will be sewing three layers (the flap, the attached piece of fleece, and the second piece of fleece). Sew straight down the long side of the pillowcase, hems and all. Repeat on the second side.
  9. Sew the bottom edge closed, turn your pillowcase right side out, and you are done.

This pillowcase seems more complicated, but it's is really not, especially once you visualize it. It helps if you have a similar case to see a physical example of the instructions above.

I will always remember that cozy fleece body pillow that became my maiden voyage into fleece projects. I don't know where or who my friend is now, but I guess I know whom to thank for my introduction into this great craft. Hope you enjoy your fleece body pillow crafts as much as I did.

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