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Fleece Boa Scarves

Have fun with fleece and wrap yourself with a fleece boa - the unique alternative to the winter scarf! Wonderfully warm, and very stylish, fleece boas are the perfect accessory to a range of outfits.

Constructed from overlapping or layered pieces of soft fleece fabric, fleece boa scarves range in length and width according to your taste. Fleece boa scarves may be fancy, funky, frilly, or somewhere in between, but they are always fashionably fabulous. Available in a variety of fleece colors, you can purchase fleece boa scarves, or for a more personal and perfect fit, fleece boa scarves are fast, easy and fun to make! If you are a fan of any kind, fleece boa scarves are the perfect way to show your favor, at home or in the stands! Show your team, school, or organization spirit with color appropriate fleece boa scarves. Creatively designed to catch everyone's attention, a fleece boa scarf is an eye-stopping, head-turning, fashion-dangling winner! Raise the roof for your home team by making fleece boa scarves a best seller at your next fundraising event.

Made from fine, high-quality fleece fabric, fleece boa scarves are 100% polyester, are machine washable and dryable, and feature unsurpassed lightweight warmth that is cuddly soft against your skin. Sure to keep you warm and dry on cold winter and fall days, and snug on cool spring and summer nights, you can add flare to fashion by wearing a matching fleece hat with your fleece boa scarf. A boa scarf and bag make another dazzling duo, and to top it all off, try choosing coordinating or contrasting fabrics for a really chic or classy look.

You can add pizzaz and a personal touch to your fleece boa scarf by custom-embroidering or adding an appliquי with your favorite character, design, or name. Or, adorn your entire attire with fleece boa scarves by mixing and matching all your garments with coordinating boas for an original look that will catch everyone's eye as you walk out the door.

Choose fleece boa scarves for the whole family, including your favorite pet. Pet boa scarves are fitted fleece boas made exactly to size for your furry friend. Simply measure your pet's neck, and the two of you will make a pretty pair in your matching fleece boa scarves!

Fleece boa scarves are the perfect, easy, make-it-yourself gift idea. Here's how:

Supplies needed:

Two pieces of fleece measuring 1/3 yard

Sewing needle or sewing machine and thread to match

1. Cut each fleece in half lengthwise. You will now have four 6"x60"strips. Remove selvages. 2. Layer them, alternating colors, one on top of the other and pin. 3.Single stitch down the center of the scarves lengthwise. Back stitch at each end. 4. Fringe by cutting 1/2" cuts the full length of the scarf, (at about 1 inch intervals) starting at the edge and stopping ¼" from the stitching line. Do this on both sides. You will essentially be cutting through all 4 layers from the edge towards the stitch line.

TIP: Place a strip of masking tape down the center, covering the stitch line as a guide so that you don't cut through the seam, and so that all fringes are the same length A novice sewer's delight, there is no need to worry about sewing a straight line or cutting evenly or straight - just fluff up your newly made fleece boa scarf and any defects are impossible to locate!

So, grab your gift list, hit the fleece sales, and try this fun, fashionable project today. Fleece boa scarves are in, and they are here to stay!

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