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Fleece bags are fun, funky and fuzzy little guys that are also practical and useful. Whew, all that in one little bag! You can use your fleece bag for laundry, to pack clothes when going away for the night or to store important or scratch-sensitive items. This fleece bag is also fabulously simple to make. All you need is a measure of fleece, some cording (this can be elastic string, a shoe lace or any strong rope or string you have around the house), some pins, and a draw string stopper (in a pinch, you can use a big safety pin, snap clip or other substantial item that will keep the string from getting lost inside the fold). Choose a fun print, one that you like because you will be seeing a lot of it once you finish this handy little fleece bag pattern.

Here's what to do:

  1. Cut two pieces of fleece the size that you want your bag to be.
  2. Lay both pieces flat on each other on a clean surface, and pin all around the edge to secure the pieces of fleece together.
  3. Now you can sew around three out of four of the edges (leave one of the shorter sides open). Leave about half an inch seam allowance.
  4. Now you are going to sew the cord seam. Remember the shorter side that you didn't sew up? Well, fold down that unsewn edge about two inches and sew this fold, leaving some seam allowance. You can pin down the fold if it makes it easier for you to sew.
  5. Turn your pajama bag outside in and make a small slit in the center of your folded over edge.
  6. Attach a safety pin or paper clip to one end of the draw string, and feed it through one hole all the way through to the other hole. Pull the string so that both ends are even and trim if necessary.
  7. Feed both ends into the drawstring stopper, even out, and make a knot to secure in place.
  8. Fill your fleece bag and have some fun! You can personalize your draw string bag if you like, though I don't imagine too many people will have a bag as unique as yours. You can write out your name or a fun message on your bag using fabric paint, permanent markers, buttons or other random craft items.

And it is that simple. You can make a bag in less than an hour (fifteen minutes if you are using a sewing machine). Make these fun fleece bags for each of your kids. They can keep them in their bedroom or dormitory rooms for laundry or use them for sleep away or day camp. This fleece bag pattern would make a sweet fleece baby bag for a new mom, as well, especially if you add a shoulder strap for them to throw over one side. Get ready to take orders because friends and family will all love this trendy new tote.

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