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Fido Fleece

If you're looking for dog coats that are both functional and fashionable, Fido fleece leads the pack! For your furry best friend, there is no need to settle for second best with the advent of Fido fleece. Fido Fleece has designed and perfected the collar-to-tail back Velcro closure that has transformed the pet apparel industry. Pairing this popular pooch design with top-quality fleece, Fido fleece dog coats are the "must have" cold weather item in the canine industry!

While dogs look well protected in their natural fur coats, many people don't realize that dogs can also benefit from protective outerwear. There are times when the cold weather penetrates even the thickest of dog coats. Left unprotected from inclement elements, dogs may suffer body heat loss at an accelerated rate. So, as you prepare your pooch for your next outdoor adventure, consider venturing into the world of Fido fleece dog coats!

Fleece fabric is an outerwear favorite when the temperatures drop, due to its unparalleled lightweight warmth, softness and non-pilling properties. Fido fleece dog coats feature top-quality fleece fabric with a water repellent and breathable outer finish. Fido fleece's signature Velcro collar to tail closure on the back of Fido jackets and coats makes it easy to get your dog in and out of their apparel, while some Fido fleece designs feature a colorful protective covering over the Velcro top closure. Fido fleece dog coats boast a perfect fit for your furry friend, snugly following the contours of your pet to prevent twisting and stepping out. Fido fleece is easy to care for: Machine wash on cold, and tumble dry.

Fido fleece durable dog garments not only keep your dog protected from the elements, but these fashion-forward coats come in a multitude of custom fabrics and pattern designs to make sure that every dog wearing Fido Fleece is fashionably in style!

For a look that's elegant and sophisticated to the bone, check out the Fido Fleece four-legged coat, featuring thick fleece, a faux fur collar, and snug leg and paw cuffs that make this fleece dog coat every pup's dream.

Fido wind and rain gear is just the ticket when the wind blows and the rain starts pouring down. Perfect for spring and fall walks with your dog, or as a second layer over Fido Fleece on winter days, these Fido coats are 100% wind and waterproof, breathable, and are available in many eye-catching colors. The signature Fido collar-to-tail back Velcro closure ensures easy on and off while the detachable hood provides full pooch coverage. This Fido favorite features a toggled drawstring at the waist, Velcro closure cuffs for a snug fit, and a reflective label to enhance your dog's visibility and safety.

Fido fleece dog coats come in 15 sizes from 8 to 30 with 3 broad chest options. Follow these guidelines for Fido fleece dog coat sizing:

For the "top line" or "length", measure along your dog's backbone from the base of his neck (where his collar would rest) to the base of his tail (where it is attached). Your dog should be standing square, not sitting or slouching.

For your dog's "girth", measure your pet's chest at its widest point, which is usually right behind the front legs.

If you get an odd number for a measurement, Fido fleece experts suggest that you round up to the next even number for female dogs and round down to the next even number for male dogs. NOTE: If your dog is a size 12", 14" or 16" and has a large chest, a "BC" (BROAD CHEST) Fido fleece coat is best.

If you have a hard to fit dog, you can measure your best friend and email the results to They will look at the measurements and help you determine the best size Fido fleece coat for your canine companion.

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