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Dog Coats for Winter Wanderers

Give your four-legged friend a gift he won't soon forget by following a simple fleece dog coat pattern. Dog coats for winter outings are adorable and cozy, and in some areas, a real necessity. When camping, traveling or living in colder climates, your pooch will appreciate a warm layer of protection. Your fleece dog coat pattern search may have come up empty in the past, though. Fortunately, we've got it covered. Here is a free dog coat pattern or two for you to enjoy. Your pup can thank us later.

Fleece dog coat pattern #1:

With 1 yard of fleece, you can easily make this adorable cloak-style fleece dog coat pattern. The beauty of this free do coat pattern is that there are no complicated leg holes to deal with. This is a free flowing coat with a fastening on the front to keep it in place. That is why, while you can use this fleece dog coat pattern for any size dog, it will work wonderfully for larger dogs. Enough introduction, here's what to do:

  1. Measure your pet from neck to rump/tail depending on how long you want your fleece coat to be. Also measure your dog from one side all the way around his back to the next side of his belly.
  2. Cut a length of fleece according to those measurements.
  3. Drape the cloak cloth over your pup's back, and measure the underside of his belly from one side of the cloak to the next. Add a few inches to this and cut a strip of fabric 5 " wide for the belly strap.
  4. Cut this strip in half and sew either side of a snap, hook and loop fastener or Velcro to each piece.
  5. Sew each piece of strap to the wrong side of your cloak, measuring to ensure they line up evenly.
  6. Finish off the edges with a zigzag or other fun stitch.

Fleece dog coat pattern #2:

Here's a more fitted free dog coat pattern for you pet. Measurements can be recalculated to fit a larger dog, though this one works better with small to medium sized pets. 1 square on the grid equals one inch in fabric.

  1. Sew together the two seams labeled AB on the back and chest pieces (work with the finished side in so the seams to show).
  2. Do the same with CD seams.
  3. Repeat first two steps.
  4. Attach the two sides of the sweater at the upper and lower fold seams.
  5. Sew seams EF together and flip right side out.
  6. Attach collar to the body of your coat and finish with a small hem.

Finally, I have a real treat for you that I think you are going to love. Below is a link to a site that has an incredible free dog coat pattern generator. Just type in your dog's measurements, and it will generate a proper pattern for you. That means a custom made pattern for your little pal. And it is totally free! I knew you would be excited. Join us next time for some more fun fleece findings.

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