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Cozy Fleece Mitten Patterns

Fleece is lauded across the world for it's many upstanding features. Aside from providing top rate insulation, keeping your hands, feet, head (or whatever body part it's covering) toasty warm, fleece is also durable and attractive. What's more, fleece offers a water-resistant layer of protection when you're out during cold and wet winter days. That's why fleece is one of the most popular materials to use for gloves and mittens. Here are some of our favorite free fleece gloves patterns.

What you'll need: paper, fleece fabric, elastic, bias tape, thread

Option #1:

Preparation: Draw a vertical line down the center of your paper 38 cm long. At the bottom of your line, draw a horizontal line (perpendicular to your original one). This one should be about 15 cm long. Draw another horizontal line about 7.5 cm up from the bottom, parallel to the line at the bottom of the page. This line should be about 12.5 cm long. Lay your hand on the paper, with your middle finger against the vertical line and your wrist lying on the upper of the two horizontal lines. Spread out your fingers a little bit, and keep your thumb out to the side (kind of like the shape of a, surprise, mitten!) Starting at the wrist, draw a line around your entire hand, and end up on the other side of the wrist. Don't dip into your fingers like you would for gloves or handprints, just draw a sort of bubble around the four main fingers, dip for the thumb and draw another bubble around the thumb. Go around this image again about 2 cm out to allow for seams and margin of error. Draw a diagonal line connecting the left point of the smaller line (the higher one that measures 7.5) to the left point of the larger line (the lower line that measures 15 cm) and right to right. Now you have your pattern. Cut out four of these. *Note: If your material has a right and wrong side, flip pattern over for two of the cuts. Mark that 12.5 cm line on the wrong side of each pattern piece.

Next, cut four pieces of bias tape (two for each mitten), measuring approximately 12.5 cm each. Pin and sew down the top and bottom edges of the tape to the wrong side of each piece of pattern along the pre-marked line.

Now cut four pieces of elastic band, measuring 10 cm or so each. Run the elastic through the space between the bias tape and the mitten material. Pin either end to either opening and sew down.

Pin two mitten pieces right sides together, and sew together, allowing a 6 mm seam.

Trim the seams, paying close attention to clip the corner near the thumb.

Fold a small ½" or so seam at the cuff and sew down. You can use a decorative stitch or zigzag for added beauty.

Turn mitten right side out and enjoy!

Here's another mitten pattern that you might like better. It's no harder, only a different style with the thumb in the front rather than the side of the mitten. (See diagrams below)

Option #2:

Using the three printable images below, trace and cut out two of each.

Along the dotted lines, stitch your elastic band. Be sure to do this on the back or wrong side of the fabric.

Now match up the two small diamonds (right sides facing together) found on the palm and thumb images.

You're going to sew across the palm and come around the thumb, sewing until you reach the diamond.

Next sew the palm and thumb pieces to the back piece, again, with the right sides together. Go from the diamond, up and around the curve of the top of the mitten and back down the side.

Finish the bottom hems as above and flip out to wear.

Grid scale: 1 square=1"

*Seam allowances were already calculated into the sizing.

Back of mitten

Palm of mitten

Thumb of mitten

Now that you've got your cozy fleece mittens, don't stop there! Join me next time as we explore fleece scarves and throws.

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